10 reasons why Endicott is the best answering service


Why Endicott? Here is our list of the top reasons of why Endicott is the best answering service for you:

1. Rapid resolution and tonality yield customer delight – Quality service

Whenever possible we resolve customer issues on the first call. Our team measures this single call resolution rate as a genuine way to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. On a daily basis Endicott measures the efficiency of our customer support teams in terms of average talk times, abandonment rates, and average time it takes to respond to each call. Our agents are also measured on their tonality and empathy.

2.      Our agents receive training that aligns with our clients’ objectives and culture – Empathy
Depending upon the client’s requirements, each handpicked agent can spend weeks in training before they are allowed to support customers. Each agent team has a supervisor lead and a quality assurance lead dedicated to the success of client programs. Our agents become an extension of our client’s organization.

3.      Large company reliability with small company personalized support and pricing
Endicott is an alliance of regional companies that haven’t adopted large company mentalities or  pricing. The alliance provides our clients with deep levels of expertise and technical availability. No former relationships will change and you can be assured your answering service pricing will remain competitive. This makes us the best answering service partner for your business.

4.      24/7/365 service– Service Availability
Our clients can relax knowing that we’ve implemented high availability and business continuity processes at Endicott and our agents will be available when you are not.

5.     Reporting that provides you with customer insights
When you outsource your contact center requirements to Endicott you’ll receive more than the typical reports that show how many calls were abandoned, or what was the average talk time, or when a call came in. We dig deeper.  We summarize who called and why they called. We record all conversations but key ones can be flagged for potentially important insights. We can help you mine your data for the very insights that could lead to product improvements, new products, and customer support improvements.

6.      Endicott serves your broad customer support channels – Phone, Live Chat, Email
Need another reason why Endicott is the best answering service? We help you connect with your customers in the ways you select. Our agents are trained to interact with your customers across the support channels important to you.

7.      High service availability infrastructure – business continuity for you
A redundant infrastructure is in place that allows us to continue operations and support you even when natural or man-made disasters strike. From data servers, T1 lines, multiple ISPs, our own power generators, and UPS systems, we can continue operations when other call centers fail. Where do you want your business to reside?

8.      Customer Satisfaction Metrics and Analytics – Accuracy
Our quality assurance team monitors and actually calls a relevant sample of your customers to measure their levels of satisfaction with our services. We survey a random sample of customers, and using customer satisfaction questions and Net Promoter Scores, and share the results with our clients. We’re constantly looking for areas of improvement and increased efficiency.

9.      We are efficient and automated
Endicott is a user and developer of a variety of technologies that enhance our agents’ performance as they interact with customers. The data they need is at their fingertips with the simple click of a mouse leading to a more rapid, informed, and accurate response.

10.  Collectively we have 100 years of outsourced communication services experience
Atlantic, Bryant, Central Voice, and Corridorhave combined their client experiences, technologies, and commitment to quality to present a formidable presence in the call center marketplace. We are second to none in the range of proven services offered to our diverse client base, and are ready to work with you as the best answering service partner out there!


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