4 Important Benefits of Using an Answering Service

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Realize These Essential Answering Service Outcomes

Outsource answering services do more than just answer the phone and take a message— so much more. Consider these four can’t-miss essentials that a professional telephone answering service provides to its clients.

1. Expand Customer Service Options:

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Answering services operate 24/7. This allows their clients to provide 24/7 service to their customers. Few businesses can afford to staff around the clock to be available to answer their customers’ questions and provide support. However, a properly empowered answering service can make this happen at a small fraction of the cost that it would take to hire and train your own employees to answer your phone after hours and on weekends.

Outsource calls allow you to expand your customer service options, and your customers will love you for it.

2. Gain More Business:

In addition to serving your customers better, an answering service allows you to serve your prospects better, too. Often the first company to respond to an inquiry will make the sale. In our want-it-now society, customers keep calling businesses until they get the answers they seek. With a telephone answering service handling your sales inquiries, they can help you close sales faster—often before your competition even calls them back.

Outsource calls allow you to make more sales in less time.

3. Enhance Your Brand:

What image do you want to send to your customers and prospects when they call you after business hours? Do you just let the phone ring? Some companies do. Do you subject them to outdated answering machine technology? Some businesses think this is good enough. Do you force them into a voicemail system that no one wants to use? Too many companies implement voicemail that irritates their callers.

Or do you show your callers respect by having a real person answer their calls regardless of when they call? The company that does this enhances their brand and builds a reputation in the marketplace.

Outsource calls allow you to provide a more professional image to your callers.

4. Enjoy a Competitive Advantage:

When you enhance customer service, respond to inquiries faster, and treat callers with respect, you gain a competitive advantage. If your competition doesn’t have an answering service, you’re automatically one step ahead of them, maybe more. And even if they do have an answering service, you can still gain a competitive advantage over them by going with the premier answering service provider.

Outsource calls allow you to stay one step ahead of your competition.


It’s a false economy to go with a cheap call centers solutions or to cancel live chats and force callers to use voicemail. The smart money is on a professional answering service. They provide essential results you can’t find elsewhere.