Client Testimonial:

Ecommerce Home Goods

“When we were researching companies to handle our calls, we wanted a company who would grow with us and provide the same level of customer service to our customers that we would provide. The Endicott staff is friendly, professional and efficient in helping our customers with their needs. We are really happy with their performance and look forward to growing together.”

- Joann, President/Founder of Domestify


More Client Testimonials

Physician’s Office

“We are a 10 physician ob-gyn practice located at Baptist Hospital of Miami.

After 30 years of partnership with Endicott (formerly Bryant Answering Service) it is with great pleasure I write this letter. I say partnership, because our success is not only our physicians it is also our answering service. They handle all our calls after hours, weekends and holidays. They are dependable, respectful and very courteous to our patients. John Bryant’s professionalism and knowledge has always been an asset to our medical office.

I highly recommend Endicott Call Center.”

Dental Hygiene Product

“Sandy, and the agents at Endicott have been an enormous boon to us at ProFresh over the years, and more specifically over the past year. Without their expertise, understanding, and ability to respond to issues quickly and decisively, we would have been completely overwhelmed during a very chaotic time for our business. Even with sub-par product samples and scripts, the group at Endicott has performed amazingly. They are always polite, succinct, and responsive, and our customer experiences are overwhelmingly positive. I can’t thank them enough for the work they have done for us here at ProFresh. We truly appreciate what they bring to the table and will continue to work with them as long as I have a say in it (and likely longer).”

Doctor Office Email Support

“Our offices have been with Bryant Answering Service/Endicott Call Centers since we first started our practice in 1991. Their staff has always been extremely professional to our patients and staff. Our calls are answered quickly, message information is accurate and dispatches are done in a timely manner.

Again thanks to you and your staff.”