Ensuring Customer Information Security in a Call Center

Call Center Customer Information Security


When you trust a call center, you need to know they will keep the information about your customers safe. Many companies have industry standards when it comes to the information they hold onto about their customers and if the call center does not maintain these standards, it will cause a lot of problems for you when a big data leak happens. The right customer information security in the call center is so important.

So, what should you look for in a call center to make sure that they keep the information for your customers as safe as possible? Consider some of the following:

  • The technology used: If the call center has not updated their technology in 15 years or more, then do not go with them. This technology is not up to date and a hacker will have a lot of fun getting through there and having a party with your customer’s information.
  • The right IT experts: The call center should have a dedicated team of IT experts to help keep the information safe. They will focus on both the software and the hardware, doing tests and watching the data to ensure a data breach does not happen.
  • Proper training of the customer care agents: The call center must train their agents on the best way to handle customer information. Often the data breach does not come from a lack of safeguards in place online, but from agents who do not know how to properly handle sensitive information from the customer.
  • Keep up to date on the best cybersecurity practices: Cybersecurity is a topic that changes all the time. This makes it hard to just learn about it one day and then ignore it the next. Your job is to make sure the call center is up to date on all cybersecurity information to keep customer data safe.
  • Regular Compliance Audits: You do not want the company to get complacent when it comes to sensitive data from your customers. You need someone who does regular compliance audits to make sure that the software, hardware, and physical security is all safe around that data. Ask them about these audits and look at proof of how well they go.
  • Have a disaster readiness plan: This plan should also include backups of the information to make it easy to regather information on customers if something goes wrong. This prevents you from having to start all over from scratch. This plan needs to be in place in case of natural disasters, bad weather, or other crisis that may come up.
  • Risk Assessment: This can help the call center know whether there are any areas of vulnerability within their system and can get the issues fixed before a hacker finds it and exploits the weakness.

As a company with sensitive customer information, you need to be confident in the call center you work with. They will handle a lot of the customer service for you, which means they will handle some of that confidential information. Always check their security protocols and ask the right questions to make sure the data about your customers will always stay safe.

At Endicott Call Centers, we meet and exceed these guidelines.

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