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Specializing in Healthcare Answering Services, Appointment Setting and Emergency Dispatch!

Specializing in Healthcare Answering Services, Appointment Setting and Emergency Dispatch!

What Can We Do For Your Healthcare Practice?

Answering Services 24/7

As an expert in medical communication solutions, Endicott ensures a seamless extension of your practice, answering every call that comes in.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling services can help streamline your appointment desk and improve patient service levels and increase retention rates.

Time of Day Scripting

Offer your patients a live voice 100% of the time when they call your office, even when your staff is busy with patients. Set your phone to ring 3 times, and if your team is busy, the call will overflow to one of our skilled associates.

Confidential Messaging using HIPAA -Compliant tools

Advance Technology backed by Startel is used to ensure that your patients’ information is secure. Reach out for a demo or more information about the platform.

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Who is Endicott?

Endicott is a leader in connecting patients and providers with professionally- trained associates and advance technology that enhance patient experience. By working together with your team, we can smoothly implement a customized solution for any size medical groups, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

As your premier answering service, Endicott Call Centers has been providing world-class experience and brand care for many decades to healthcare practices, hospitals, clinics, doctors, dentist, and more! With advance technology, Endicott features the Startel Communication Platform as an added-value and top communication and optimization tool to help agents and patients stay connected.

Why Choose Endicott?

Professional Trained HIPAA-Compliant Associates

24/7/365 to Cover All Your Patient and Staffs' Needs

English and Spanish Agents

Customized Solutions to Fit Your Practice or Department Needs

HIPAA Secure Platform with Two-Way Text Dispatch

Background Checks on all Employees

Steve Garnhampic

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About Steve Garnham

With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in Europe and North America, Steve specializes in working with clients in a consultative fashion to ensure the best possible financial and technological solutions.

“Having worked in a consultative capacity in the healthcare industry, I have continued to use that knowledge and training to develop long-term relationships for my clients, based on results, trust and value”.  -Steve Garnham, Sales Consultant for Ansafone Contact Centers

If you would like to find out more, please feel free to contact me directly via email at SGarnham@ansafone.com or phone at 916-341-9316.

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