How Endicott Extends Your Brand Reputation

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For many businesses, there is no question, using a professional answering service (call answering, live chat, or both), it helps their overall growth strategy and maintains their brand reputation. While it can be difficult to entrust such an important aspect of your business to an outside company, the truth is, most will provide great customer service and make your clients happy. If you are still unsure about how outsourcing your answering services can help increase your brand reputation, here are some reasons why:


Highly Trained Agents and Technology

Using a company such as Endicott to outsource your calls and live chat will give you access to some of the most highly trained individuals and the most up to date technology. You are also relieved of the burden of training staff and keeping up with technological advances. Endicott takes care of that for you. You will also have less overhead when using an answering service.

Highly trained agents and the latest technology also leads to better customer service. Endicott adheres to a strict code of ethics and monitors employees ensuring they are following our client’s guidelines. In doing so, we’re able to deliver high quality and consistent service.


More Calls Answered

When you outsource your call center services, there’s a guarantee that every call will be answered and will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. This minimizes call to drop off and lost prospects. Also, with live chat, not only will your customer’s questions be answered right away, sales on your website will increase as well. With the increased number of website visitors becoming satisfied customers, it’s only a matter of time before you will see a dramatic increase in profits

Higher Customer Satisfaction Though Brand Reputation

Consumers today know that they have more choices than ever before. If they are not satisfied with your services than they move on. With outsourced calls and live chat, you have a whole team that can answer your customer’s questions in a professional and personable manner.

Also, with an answering service, you are available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This extends your business’s operating hours without you having to be at the office. It is not only convenient for you, but also for your customers. Happy customers tell others about your great service and become great advocates for you.

Endicott is More Than Just an Answering Service

Endicott does more than just answer phones. We can help schedule appointments, maintain your calendar, troubleshoot, take and fill orders, and much more. Not only do we free up your time to focus on other things, but we also save you money. Here are some other reasons why our clients enjoy working with us:


  • Prompt Responses: Your customers never have to wait for someone to pick up the phone. Our agents respond to calls promptly. Our agents also always try to resolve any problems on the first call.


  • Reliable Service: With our around-the-clock answering service, we are available to your customers whenever they need us. This includes after hours, weekends, and even holidays. Having a 24-hour answering service helps keep your cash flow consistent and boosts your customer retention.


  • Friendly Operators: One of the most important aspects of choosing a call center is how their representatives treat your customers. When it comes to brand reputation this is very apparent. Endicott call agents always have a positive, upbeat attitude on every call. Customers will stay loyal to businesses that have good, friendly customer service. Your customers will always get that with Endicott!


  • Bilingual Call Representatives: We provide high-quality service to your customers whether they speak Spanish or English. Although we will not be able to help with all client interactions (such as in-person ones), having your phone interactions taken care of is still a huge help. If you’ve only reached English-speaking customers in the past, Endicott can help you expand and reach a much wider demographic.


  • Advanced Technology: Using the latest technology is one of the ways we can add value to your business. For example, Endicott utilizes the Startel Appointment Scheduler (SAS). This software is the most effective way for a call center to set all your appointments. Customers also have the option to book their appointments online. As more customers call and book appointments through Endicott, you’ll be able to see your schedule change in real-time. The SAS automatically refreshes your calendar every 30 seconds! You and your team are always in the loop.


Partner with Endicott Today Focused on Brand Reputation

Just because you choose to use an answering service does not mean that your customers will experience a lower quality of service, it’s the opposite. By adhering to your customized script and other guidelines, Endicott’s call reps become an extension of your business. After you use Endicott, you’ll have a hard time ever going back. It’s so easy and your customers will love it!

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