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Why Legal Practices Partner with Endicott Call Centers For A 5 Star Client Service!

Why Legal Practices Partner with Endicott Call Centers For A 5 Star Client Service!

Private law firms require impeccable client care.

As scaling law firms grow, attorneys need a call center partner to get the personalized, professional customer care they seek. At Endicott Call Centers, a specialized feature that we offer in our call center services is customer lead generation and data collection for specific needs such as personal injury cases and disability for prequalification.

With current conditions such as COVID-19, service- related companies and law firms need to start preparing and scaling. Thinking bigger, working smarter, and having a ready- to go-staff will help you stay in the game in an unsettling economy. Attorneys have spent years building their practice, and they require utmost efficiency, personalization, and stellar client experience for people they serve.

We want to help law practices, and attorneys eliminate any unanswered calls, client complaints, or potential loss revenue. We can help you with any call center solutions and add a seamless process to receiving your messages and any pertinent client info with impeccability and professionalism.

As an experienced, and reliable call center provider, we are geared to help your law practice in high volume calls, customer care, and helping communities & businesses grow stronger.

Call Center Services for Attorneys

Who is Endicott?

As your premier answering service, Endicott Call Centers has been providing world-class experience and brand care for many decades to attorneys and legal practices! With advanced technology, Endicott features the Startel Communication Platform as an added-value and top communication and optimization tool to help agents and clients stay connected.

Why Choose Endicott?

Professional Trained Associates

24/7/365 to Cover All Your Client and Staffs' Needs

English and Spanish Agents

Customize Solutions to Fit Your Practice or Department Needs

Secure Platform with Two-Way Text Dispatch

Background Checks on all Employees

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With over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in Europe and North America, Steve specializes in working with clients in a consultative fashion to ensure the best possible financial and technological solutions.

“Having worked in a consultative capacity in the healthcare industry, I have continued to use that knowledge and training to develop long-term relationships for my clients, based on results, trust and value”.  -Steve Garnham, Sales Consultant for Ansafone Contact Centers

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