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Top-Rated Durham Call Center Services For Your Business

Endicott Call Centers is a corporation in the United States that provides answering services. At each of our locations, our employees use cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency for your business.

Using our American call center helps reduce your company’s running costs. Endicott constantly adapts its processes to meet your company’s special norms and standards. We aim to help you save time and money so you may put it to better use in your business.

Call Center Services in Durham, NC

Collaboration with Endicott Call Centers has helped businesses of all sizes. Among our prior and current customers are:

  • HVAC and plumbing maintenance companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Veterinarians
  • Property management companies
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • IT businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Law firms
  • Financial businesses
  • Direct sales companies

When you partner with us, regardless of industry, every one of your callers will receive the same exceptional customer care!

Endicott is More Than Just a Call Center in Durham

Endicott’s responsibilities go beyond mere call-taking. We receive and process orders, assist with calendar maintenance, answer minor queries, and book appointments. We get a lot done at a reasonable price. Our trained staff will always ensure that you get:

Quick Responses

We will return client calls as soon as possible. We immediately answer the phone. We also attempt to assist your customers with any difficulties they may be experiencing as quickly as feasible.

Consistent Service

If you choose our 24-hour answering service, we will be available to your clients all day. This restriction is in effect at all times, including late at night, on weekends, and holidays. This allows you to boost client retention while keeping a consistent cash flow.

Friendly personnel

When choosing a contact center, one of the most important factors is the staff’s conduct. Customer service representatives at Endicott contact centers highly value being personable and cheerful. Customers like doing business with firms that provide excellent customer service. Endicott will always give that to your clients!

Endicott Contact Center in Durham  Uses Latest Technology 

We use cutting-edge technologies to guarantee that we can provide value to your organization. Endicott employs the Startel Appointment Scheduler program (SAS). Because of this program, the call center can swiftly arrange all of your appointments. Customers can also schedule appointments online.

Your calendar will alter as more people call and make appointments via Endicott. Every 30 seconds, the SAS refreshes your calendar! We keep you and your team updated at all times.

Customer Service Email Management

While you should respond to emails as soon as possible, you may not always have the time to answer all daily queries, difficulties, and customer problems. Endicott’s 24-hour email management services allow you to delegate the daily deluge of emails to an experienced email management agent. They will use a customized response library to address your primary concerns and questions. Our email management services will allow you to devote more time to essential business tasks.


IVR is a competent and polished method of handling incoming calls. With a well-designed IVR system, you may greet callers, direct them to the appropriate person or department, answer their inquiries, and much more. Most importantly, you save time and money because the procedure is entirely automated. Endicott’s customized IVR messages are a valuable asset to any business. 


We care about your customers just as much as you do! We offer to make it easier for us to collaborate with you. Our web-based business management solution allows you to contact us, track our progress, and assess how we’re doing. Intellisite, a cloud-based service, is available on PCs, laptops, and tablets. Consequently, managing your company’s customer service needs is much easier. It improves communication between your company and our call center.

Live Chat

Integrating live chat features on your website is a terrific approach to keep visitors interested. Live chat capabilities make it simple and cost-effective to answer consumer queries, help them through the purchase process, and enhance your online sales, whether you run an online store or offer a service.

Appointment Setting

Scheduling appointments might be pretty irritating. Always answer the phone nicely and promptly to make your consumers as comfortable as possible. That is tough to do when you have a thousand things to balance.

An answering service will provide the same high level of service to everyone who arranges a meeting. Our operators will schedule appointments and, if required, amend or cancel them. The Startel Appointment Scheduler is used for everything (SAS). This revolutionary tool is both useful and simple to use.

Durham Call Center Answering Services

There are several answering services ‌we provide. You can choose the best one for your needs or mix them up as necessary.

24/7 Live Answering

With this option, Endicott’s professional agents will provide 24/7 live answering services that are tailored to the sector in which you work We do not employ robots or recordings in our service. One of our professional operators will be able to connect directly with your clients. Our customer support agents are kind and well-informed. So that your clients do not have to wait, we swiftly respond phone calls. You may reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Only you have the authority to take a break; not your boss!

After Hours Answering

Running a business might make it appear as though there are no breaks. You must take breaks from your work on a regular basis. However, if no one answers the phone in the early morning hours, you will lose money. You cannot also provide your services in multiple time zones. That is why you need an after-hours answering service. If you are unable to answer, you may continue to process orders and react to client inquiries.

Your cash flow does not have to stop just because your typical business hours are ended. Endicott has the capacity to keep things rolling late at night. We are available at all times of day and night, including weekends and holidays. Your business will continue to operate while you are away!

Overflow Answering Service

When you’re taking a lot of phone calls, you can’t individually react to every inquiry. If you do not comply with every request, you may face financial damage. The majority of clients will not contact you again. Many individuals are impatient and refuse to wait.

Endicott Call Centers is highly aware of your business’s shifting requirements. It’s tough to forecast when individuals will need your help. When you outsource your overflow to Endicott, on hectic days, we’ll lessen the pressure of phone calls. Customers won’t notice the difference between a slow day and the busiest time of year. They will always receive the same excellent service!

Bilingual Call Representatives

Nearly 50 million individuals in the United States speak Spanish. You lose a substantial percentage of the market if your firm does not have multilingual personnel. Don’t pass up the opportunity to break through this language barrier and expand your consumer base. Endicott has bilingual agents who can easily communicate with your Spanish-speaking customers. They’ll see that these customers get the same attention as your English-speaking customers. You’ll increase your company’s market potential and attract more satisfied consumers! Your consumers will receive outstanding service from your firm, whether they speak English or Spanish, thanks to our call operators!

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Service

If you work in the healthcare sector, you don’t want just any answering services helping your patients. You must have a professional, HIPAA-compliant medical answering service. Endicott Call Centers strictly follows all HIPAA rules. We have a solid grasp of both the medical sector and the unique demands of our clients.

Our call center staff protects the privacy of your consumers. Every call is handled with the most outstanding care and sensitivity. Thanks to our friendly call representatives, your consumers will always feel at rest.

Endicott can help you in the following ways when you work with us:

  • Making appointments
  • Message taking
  • Transferring calls to the respective departments.
  • And more!

Virtual Receptionist

Endicott offers more than picking up the phones. We can also work as your virtual receptionist! It’s like having your own receptionist, except for our remote position. We will take care of the day-to-day duties.

You can hire a virtual receptionist if you don’t have time to take calls. We handle the monotonous tasks that consume your valuable time and mental energy. Switching calls, taking messages, and scheduling appointments are all feasible. Our dependable partner will handle any critical difficulties, allowing you to concentrate on operating your business.