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Reliable Call Center Services in Tulsa, OK 

Endicott Call Centers, situated in the United States, offers business answering services. Our employees use cutting-edge technology at each location to boost your company’s efficiency.

Our American call center reduces your company’s operational expenditures. Endicott is always modifying its processes to meet the unique norms and expectations of your company. We aim to save you time and money so you may make more strategic investments in your business.

Top-Rated Call Center in Tulsa, OK

Endicott Call Centers has benefited companies of all sizes. Among our prior and present clients are:

  • HVAC and plumbing service providers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Veterinarians
  • Property management firms
  • Ecommerce companies
  • IT companies
  • Restaurants
  • Legal Practices & Law Firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Direct sales companies

When you work with us, we ensure that all callers, regardless of industry, receive the same high-quality service!

Endicott is More Than Just a Call Center in Tulsa, OK

Endicott’s responsibilities go beyond simply answering phones. We take and process orders, assist with calendar management, respond to minor inquiries, and organize appointments. We provide a variety of services at a low cost. Our knowledgeable staff will always ensure that you receive:

Quick Responses

We will respond to calls from clients as soon as feasible. We pick up the phone right away. Additionally, we strive to respond as quickly as possible to any problems your customers may have.

Consistent Service

If you choose our 24-hour answering service, we will be accessible to your clients all day long.  Endicott’s Tulsa call center allows you to keep clients while generating consistent revenue.

Friendly personnel

Personnel behavior is an important consideration when choosing a contact center. In the Endicott contact center, employees value politeness highly. A company that provides excellent customer service is more likely to earn a customer’s loyalty. Endicott will always make it available to the whole public!

Endicott Contact Center in Tulsa Uses Latest Technology 

To guarantee that we can benefit your company, we use cutting-edge technology. Endicott employs the Startel Appointment Scheduler software (SAS). Your contact center can rapidly plan all of your appointments using this tool. Customers can make appointments online as well.

Your calendar will alter as more people call and arrange appointments via Endicott. Every 30 seconds, the SAS refreshes your calendar! We always keep you and your team up to date.

Customer Service Email Management

Our email management services will allow you to devote more time to important business tasks. While you should react to emails as quickly as possible, you may not always have time to address all daily concerns, difficulties, and client issues. Endicott’s email management service provides a professional email agent who will assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will answer your primary problems and inquiries using a personalized response library.


Endicott’s customized IVR messages are a significant asset to any company. IVR is a sophisticated and professional means of handling incoming calls. An IVR system may be used to greet callers, send them to the relevant department or person, answer inquiries, and do various other tasks. Most importantly, the process is fully automated, saving you time and money.


We are as concerned about your clients as you are! We would like to make our collaboration with you more accessible. Our web-based business management solution lets you follow our development, review our performance, and get in touch with us. Applications for Intellisite that are cloud-based may be accessible on desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. As a result, dealing with your company’s customer service requirements is a lot easier. It enhances communication between your organization and our call center.

Live Chat

Integrating live chat services on your website is a great approach to keep visitors interested. Whether you run an online business or provide a service, live chat capabilities may help you improve online sales, answer client inquiries, and lead them through the purchase process.

Appointment Setting

Scheduling appointments might be somewhat distressing. Always answer the phone respectfully and immediately to make your clients as comfortable as possible. That is difficult when you have a thousand things on your mind.

A meeting answering service will provide the same high level of service to everyone who arranges a meeting. We will arrange your appointments and make modifications or cancellations as needed. The Startel Appointment Scheduler manages everything (SAS). This new gadget is both valuable and easy to use.

Tulsa Call Center Answering Services

We provide a comprehensive variety of answering services. You can select the best one for your needs or combine them.

24/7 Live Answering

With this option, Endicott’s professional agents will provide 24/7 live answering services in your line of employment. In our service, we do not use robots or recordings. Our skilled operators will contact your clients as soon as possible. We return phone calls quickly, so your clients do not have to wait. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Only you, not your employer, have the authority to take a break.

After Hours Answering

Running a business might make it appear as though there are no breaks. You should take regular breaks from your employment. If no one picks up the phone first thing in the morning, you will, nevertheless, lose money. Furthermore, you are unable to offer your services across several time zones. That is why you require an after-hours answering service. You may continue to handle orders and reply to client queries if unable to answer.

Because your regular business hours have finished, your cash flow does not have to come to a halt. Endicott has the ability to keep things going late at night. The entire week, including weekends and holidays, we are open around the clock. Your company will continue to run while you are away!

Overflow Answering Service

You can’t respond to every request if you’re taking many phone calls. If you do not comply with every request, you may suffer financial consequences. Most of your customers will never contact you again. Many people are impatient and do not want to wait.

Endicott Call Centers is well aware of your company’s changing needs. It’s difficult to predict when people will want your assistance. Once you outsource your overflow to Endicott, we’ll reduce the number of phone calls on busy days. Customers cannot tell the difference between a tranquil day and peak season. They will always receive the same exceptional service!

Bilingual Call Center Representatives

About 50 million Americans are Spanish speakers. If your firm does not have multilingual personnel, you will lose a significant chunk of the market. Take advantage of the opportunity to overcome this language barrier and increase the size of your market. Endicott has bilingual agents who can successfully communicate with your Spanish-speaking clientele. They will see that these clients are handled similarly to your English-speaking customers. You will increase the marketability of your company and attract more satisfied clients! Your consumers will receive outstanding service from your firm, whether they speak English or Spanish, thanks to our call operators!

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Service

If you operate in the healthcare field, you don’t want just any answering service assisting your patients. You must engage a professional, HIPAA-compliant medical answering service. Endicott Call Centers completely adheres to all HIPAA regulations. We understand both the medical industry and the needs of our clients.

Our call center personnel respect your customers’ privacy. Every call is handled with the utmost care and attention. Because of our pleasant call operators, your consumers will always feel at ease.

When you work with Endicott, we may assist you in the following ways:

  • Setting up appointments
  • Taking messages and transferring calls to the appropriate departments.
  • And even more!

Virtual Receptionist

Endicott offers more than picking up the phones. We can also work as your virtual receptionist! Basically, you get your own receptionist, except for the fact that our office is far away. Managing the day-to-day operations will be our responsibility.

You can hire a virtual receptionist if you lack time to answer phone calls. We take care of the time-consuming tasks that drain your mental and physical energy. A virtual receptionist will switch calls, accept messages, and arrange appointments. Your dependable partner will manage crucial issues, enabling you to concentrate on operating your company.