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Better Communication = Better Patient Care

It doesn’t matter if you run a private medical practice or a counseling center. Your business can benefit from using medical answering services! Medical call representatives improve your organization’s efficiency and keep your patients satisfied. Whether you want help with calls around the clock or after hours, medical call center services can be a huge asset to your healthcare office.


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Scheduling Your Appointments to Save You Time

Endicott Call Centers adds value to your medical office by scheduling your appointments. Even if you have a receptionist, your patients value those interactions with the receptionist before and after their appointment. A medical answering service frees your receptionist to focus on checking patients in, scheduling their follow-ups, and answering questions they have in the moment.

When your receptionist doesn’t have to split time between patients on-site and on the phone, your medical office runs more efficiently. Endicott’s agents can handle scheduling all your appointments via phone. We answer the phones promptly, so your patients never have to wait around. And because we don’t have to worry about caring for on-site patients, we won’t have to rush through phone calls. We provide compassionate service that makes your patients feel good about choosing your practice.


Reminding Your Patients to Keep Their Appointments

How many times have your patients shown up late for appointments? Or worse, how often have your patients forgotten their appointments entirely? Give your patients helpful appointment reminders via call and text to keep your schedule on track and your bank account full.

Your patients will definitely appreciate these reminders! Even if your patients put their next appointment in their calendar, life happens. When your patients have so much going on, it’s easy to let an appointment slide. A simple text or phone call helps the appointment stay forefront in their mind.


Keeping Your Patients Cared for at All Times

There’s no faster way to lose patients than missing their calls. It’s not realistic to have your clinic or medical facility open 24/7. Instead, have a medical answering service take care of the phones while you’re closed.

With medical phone answering services, your patients know that when they have a medical concern, there will always be someone who’s waiting to take their calls. They can ask their most pressing health-related questions and request emergency medical care. When we get after-hours calls, Endicott proceeds based on your guidelines. That could mean directing emergency calls to you or paging the practitioner on call.

Not every call will be an emergency. When we get these types of calls after-hours, we’ll take detailed information and let you know about it in the morning. There’s no need to interrupt your rest. You can get a good night’s sleep without interruptions so that you’re well-rested for your patients the next day.


Picking Up the Slack on Your Busiest Days

Some days your medical office might seem slow and uneventful. But other days, the phones are ringing so much that your receptionists simply can’t keep up! On days like these, Endicott can help keep your medical office running smoothly. Our medical call answering service keeps your patients’ needs met and your schedule on track.

Your calling patients won’t experience a difference in the quality of service even on those busy days. They will still be greeted promptly by a friendly voice. Based on your specific needs, Endicott’s medical call center agents can:

  • Help schedule appointments
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Answer basic questions
  • Provide helpful information about coverage
  • And more!

When we’re the ones picking up the phones, you won’t have to worry about your practice suffering. Even on your busiest days, we’ve got you covered! Using an answering service is the best way to ensure that your patients are getting consistent, high-quality care. Everyone wins with Endicott!


Answering Common Medical-Related Questions

Endicott does more than just schedule appointments. We can also answer your patients’ most common inquiries. Usually, these questions are things like:

  • What benefits are available on my plan?
  • How have my member benefits changed?
  • When and how can I enroll?
  • What products are available?
  • What coverage can I get?
  • Am I eligible for membership?
  • How can I register for an upcoming event?

You can be confident that Endicott will accurately respond to all of these questions. Endicott can also handle all literature requests, so your patients get all the information they need. We understand how stressful medical concerns are. That’s why Endicott will always speak to your patients in a friendly but respectful manner.



Protecting Your Patients’ Information with HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is the main way that a medical answering service differs from an answering service in another industry. You won’t ever have to worry about Endicott’s call representatives compromising your patients’ medical information. And, our representatives are easy to talk to. Your patients can feel at ease talking to Endicott about their private health matters.


Keeping Your Patients Calm in All Situations

Your patients may call your business when they’re under a great deal of stress. This could be because they are experiencing an after-hours medical emergency or concerned about the high cost of their medical care. Whatever emotions your patients are experiencing, Endicott can help them feel at ease.

The training and experience of our call representatives help them know how to handle just about any situation with a caller. They will always answer the phones with empathy. Our representatives remain calm on the phone while working to offer your patients solutions to their problems. This is exactly the kind of help any medical organization needs!


Choose Endicott! We are Connecting Your Business with 24/7 Call Center Solutions!

Endicott’s medical answering service scripts are completely customizable to your needs. We are also a bilingual answering service. We help with English and Spanish-speaking patients.

If you’ve been looking for a high-quality medical answering service, look no further! Give us a call today at (800) 947-3227. We can discuss your options based on your communication needs. There’s absolutely no obligation to you!