Outsourcing Vs. Offshoring Difference Explained

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Outsourcing is a negative word to some people. This is likely due to what they’ve heard in the news media, which criticizes outsourcing as detrimental to the US economy. They wrongly present with a critical tone, and most people who don’t understand outsourcing are quick to dismiss it without knowing the facts.

Here are four realities about outsourcing and the excellent service benefit it provides to companies and their customers: 

Outsourcing Vs. Offshoring

First, dispel the myth that this is the same as offshoring. To offshore a service or process means sending it to another country. Although some outsourcing may go offshore, the reality is that most outsourcing is for other companies within the United States.

When people talk about their dislike for these practices, they’re referring to offshoring. They’re frustrated when customer service representatives cannot fluently understand their needs or respond in a manner that represents a clear understanding of their need.” It’s important not to confuse the two because outsourcing offers many outstanding outcomes.

Outsourcing Reduces Expenses

In general, outsourcing is a wise business decision to lower costs. However, not the case in every situation, innovative outsourcing to the right service partner will produce a cost reduction. This happens because the outsourcer specializes in the service they provide, whereas for a business, that activity is but one of many elements they must master. 

Very few companies can approach the efficiency that an accomplished outsourcer can achieve—an outsourcer’s increased efficiency results in lower costs to their clients.

Outsourcing Improves Quality

Not only does outsourcing reduce a company’s expenses, but it can also improve the quality of service provided. Outsourcers are the experts in handling that activity, whether it’s a product manufactured or a service provided. Just as they can do their work more efficiently than most businesses could handle it in-house, they can also do it better and offer a higher level of quality.

This isn’t to imply a company’s employees don’t provide quality. Instead, it’s a nod to the high level of expertise and professionalism that today’s leading-edge outsourcers offer. When you pick the right outsourcer, you not only have the potential to save money but also enhance the service level delivered to your customers. 

Answering Services Are Outsourcing Experts

What you may not know is that answering services are outsourcers. For decades, answering services have been providing outsourcing services to businesses, professionals, and individuals. The origin of the answering service industry dates back to the 1920s and 30s. That’s ninety years of excellence. 

Many things have changed since the inception of answering services. The answering service outsourcing industry continues to grow, adapt to meet the changing expectations of its clients, and thrive in today’s business climate, one that desperately needs its services.

Answering services are the quintessential outsourcing provider. Today’s innovative answering services do much more than answer the phone and take a short message. A professional outsourced answering service can meet almost any telephone communication need.

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