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Answering Services in St. Petersburg, FL

Endicott Call Centers is an answering service provider based in the United States. Our team at each of our locations utilizes innovative technology to boost productivity for your company.

Using our American contact center will lower your company’s operating expenses. Endicott is always changing our procedures to fit the specific guidelines and demands of your business. We want to make sure you spend less time and money so you can invest it in other areas of your company.

Top-Rated St. Petersburg Call Center Services For Your Business

Businesses from all industries have benefited from collaborating with Endicott Call Centers. Several of our former and present clientele include:

  • HVAC and plumbing maintenance companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Veterinarians
  • Property management companies
  • Ecommerce businesses
  • IT businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Law firms
  • Financial businesses
  • Direct sales companies

When you partner with us, regardless of industry, each of your callers will receive the same excellent customer service!

Endicott is More Than Just a Call Center

Endicott’s responsibilities go beyond just taking calls. We receive and process orders, assist with calendar upkeep, address trivial questions, and arrange appointments. We get a lot done for a reasonable price. Our skilled staff will always make sure that you get:

Prompt Responses

Customer calls will be returned as quickly as feasible. We immediately answer the phone. We also make every effort to help your consumers as soon as possible with any problems they may have.

Reliable Service

We will be available to your clients all day if you choose our 24-hour answering service. Even late at night, weekends, and holidays are not exempt from this rule. This improves customer retention while also ensuring consistent cash flow.

Friendly Operators

One of the most crucial things to take into account when selecting a call center is how the personnel behave. At Endicott call centers, customer service personnel place strong importance on being friendly and upbeat. Customers favor doing business with companies that provide exceptional customer service. Endicott will always offer that to your clients!

Endicott Call Center in St. Petersburg  Uses Latest Technology 

Utilizing cutting-edge technology is one method we employ to make sure we provide value to your business. The Startel Appointment Scheduler application is used by Endicott (SAS). The call center can efficiently schedule all of your appointments thanks to this application. Customers can also set up appointments online.

As more people call and book appointments through Endicott, you will see adjustments to your schedule. The SAS updates your calendar every 30 seconds! We keep you and your team informed at all times.

Customer Service Email Management

Even though it’s imperative to reply to emails as quickly as you can, you might not always have the time to deal with all of the daily questions, worries, and client issues. To have a qualified email management agent manage the daily onslaught of emails, use Endicott’s 24-hour email management services. They will respond to all of your fundamental worries and inquiries by using a personalized response library. Our email management services will give you more time to focus on important business duties.


IVR is a competent and professional method of answering incoming calls. With a well-designed IVR system, you can greet callers, direct them to the appropriate person or department, answer their questions, and more. Most importantly, because it is a fully automated process, you save both time and money. Endicott’s customized IVR messages are a valuable asset to any business. 


We care about our customers, just like you care about yours! To make it easier for us to partner with you, we offer a web-based business management solution that allows you to get in touch with us, keep tabs on us, and evaluate how we’re doing. Intellisite is a cloud-based service that may be used on desktops, laptops, and tablets. Handling your company’s customer service needs is consequently made simpler. It simplifies communication between our call center and your office.

Live Chat

Integrating live chat features into your website is a great approach to engaging visitors. Whether you run an online store or offer a service, live chat capabilities make it simple and affordable to answer client queries, walk them through the purchasing process, and boost your online sales.

Appointment Setting

Scheduling appointments can be really frustrating. For the benefit of your customers, you should always answer the phone politely and immediately. When you’re balancing a thousand things, that’s difficult.

Everyone who schedules a meeting through an answering service will get the same high caliber of service. Our operators will set up appointments and modify or cancel them as necessary. We complete everything by using the Startel Appointment Scheduler (SAS). This ground-breaking program is practical and simple to use. 

St. Petersburg Call Center Answering Services

There are several answering services ‌we provide. You can choose the best one for your needs or mix them up as necessary.

24/7 Live Answering

With this option, Endicott’s professional agents will provide 24/7 live answering services that are customized to the industry you work in. In this service we don’t use neither robots not recordings. Direct customer interaction with your clients will be possible through one of our competent operators. Our customer support agents are cordial and well-informed. We answer phone calls swiftly, so your clients won’t be kept waiting. Seven days a week, day or night, you can get in touch with us. Your employer cannot take a break; only you can!

After Hours Answering

It may appear that there are no breaks when you run a business. You must take a break from your work from time to time. You will, however, lose money if no one answers the phone in the early hours of the morning. You also cannot provide your services in different time zones. That is why you require an after-hours answering service that can keep processing orders and answering customer questions when you can’t.

Even if your regular business hours are over, your cash flow does not have to come to a halt. Endicott can keep things moving at any time of day or night. We are accessible 24/7, even on weekends and on holidays. While you are away, your company will keep running!

Overflow Answering Service

You can’t personally answer every question when you’re handling a lot of phone calls. However, if you do not fulfill every request, you will lose money. Most customers will not contact you again. Many people are incapable of being patient.

Endicott Call Centers is familiar with your company’s changing needs. It’s difficult to predict when people will require your assistance. When you outsource your overflow to Endicott, we’ll relieve the burden of phone calls on busy days. Whether you’re having a slow day or the busiest time of the year, your customers won’t notice a difference. They will always experience the same great level of service!

Bilingual Call Representatives

Almost 50 million people in the United States speak Spanish. If your company does not have bilingual employees, you are missing out on a sizable portion of the market. Don’t pass up the opportunity to break down this language barrier and expand your customer base. Endicott has bilingual agents who can converse with your Spanish-speaking consumers with ease. They’ll make sure that these clients get the same degree of care as your clientele who understand English. You’ll increase the market potential for your business and draw in more delighted clients! Your consumers will enjoy outstanding service from your business, whether they speak English or Spanish, thanks to our call operators!

HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Service

You don’t want any answering service supporting your consumers if you work in the healthcare industry. You must have a professional, HIPAA-compliant medical answering service. Endicott Call Centers adheres to all HIPAA regulations. We have a thorough understanding of both the medical sector and our client’s specific needs.

Our call center representatives place a high value on your customers’ privacy. We handle every call with the utmost care and compassion. Because of our courteous call representatives, your customers will always feel at ease.

When you work with Endicott, we can assist you in the following ways:

  • Making appointments
  • Message taking
  • Transferring calls to the appropriate departments.
  • And more!

Virtual Receptionist

Endicott offers more than just picking up the phones. We can also work as your virtual receptionist! Except for our remote position, it’s exactly like having your own receptionist. We will take care of the daily tasks that you frequently put off.

If you don’t have the time to answer phone calls, you can hire a virtual receptionist. We handle the monotonous tasks that consume your valuable time and mental resources. Switching callers, taking messages, and setting up appointments are all possible. You can concentrate on running your business while our dependable partner handles urgent matters.