Why do I need a 24-hour answering service?

person holding a key above a small model house


Being available when your customers need to reach you is vital to a business. At Endicott, we understand the importance of being available to your customers. That’s why a 24-hour answering service is essential to every small business. Limiting the hours that you are accessible not only frustrates your current customer base, but it also means lost opportunities for new customers. To illustrate the value of 24-hour customer care provided by Endicott’s experienced answering services, let’s look at a few scenarios:

Scenario #1

Your commercial andresidence maintenance business (HVAC, electrical, and plumbing) without Endicott’s answering services:

Joe just came home after a long day of work only to find that the entire first floor of his home has been flooded thanks to his overflowing toilet. He finds your business and immediately calls, only to be greeted by a generic voicemail. He has two options; he can either A) leave a message and wait patiently for you to get back to him or B) call another company.  What do you think Joe is more likely to do? You’re right—he’s more apt to call another company to address his emergency.

Because you lack an after hours answering service, Joe misses out a little and you miss out a lot.  Not only did you just lose out on taking this job on and possibly gaining Joe as a new customer, you will also lose out on any positive reviews Joe can give to his friends and families for your timeliness in his dire need for help.  Your lack of a specialty answering service will also cost you Joe’s repeat business and that of friends, neighbors, and others he could have referred to you.

Scenario #2

Your commercial and residence maintenance business WITH Endicott’s answering services

Maria works at a small law firm, and everyone is working late into the hot, summer night trying to prepare for a big case. Out of nowhere, the air conditioning breaks down. To make matters worse, unbearably hot air is blowing out of the air conditioner. Someone remembers seeing your business being advertised, so Maria gives your company a call. She is doubtful that anyone will answer since it’s late at night. Fortunately, you have engaged our answering service for your small business. One of our professionally trained agents answers, reassures Maria, documents the issue accurately, and relays it to an available technician for immediate assistance.

The difference between using an answering service and not using one to supplement your business operations is clear. As a leader among answering service companies, we ensure access and we raise the standard of customer service. Our professional agents have been trained to respond with empathy, as an actual representative within your company. Hear for yourself how an after hours answering service can enhance your customer service and improve your bottom line. Contact us today!