Why Emergency Disaster Clients Come to Us 

Ambulance driving through a city


Disasters strike. Emergencies happen. And, when answering the phone and handling a call with efficiency can mean life or death, Endicott is a trained, effective responder. There are many reasons that clients call on us to operate their emergency and disaster response centers. 

Life-Saving Agents 

Professional and reliable Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) agents are critical for the success of our emergency disaster call centers. They help people in need remain calm, get answers, and receive help through appropriate and timely response. 

When someone calls the emergency disaster number, our expertly trained operators answer. They quickly determine the nature and urgency of the call before instructing the caller on how to handle the situation and remain safe.  They also dispatch first responders. The role is critical. 

24/7 Answering Service 

Endicott works with a whole host of clients like hospitals, police stations, fire departments, and ambulance units. For all of them, the ability to take a call any time of day on any day of the year is essential. That’s why our emergency dispatch experts work around the clock. 

When not serving an emergency or disaster need, they stand by taking regular overflow calls to support busy times. But, when needed, we tap them as an essential resource to help callers remain calm, stay safe, and be listened to with an empathetic ear. 

Compliant Emergency Services 

Answering every call with professionalism and collecting the right information for the system is an important facet of an agent’s role. At Endicott, we strive to confidently offer emergency and disaster service by routing calls to the correct dispatcher or medical provider, but that’s not all we’re trained to do. 

Our confidentiality standards are HIPAA-compliant, meaning we handle and collect caller information with complete privacy, accuracy, and care. You never have to worry that your callers’ information is compromised or that it will fall into the wrong hands with our secure collection methods. 

Compassionate, Professional Support 

We are always sensitive to the needs and concerns of our callers, but we turn compassion and empathy up a notch when it comes to emergency and disaster response. In addition to following all protocols, we put callers at ease through trained listening techniques. 

By showing callers that we understand their crisis and needs, we can keep callers calm and handle more calls with greater efficiency. Through compassion, we speed the support process and treat every call with the importance and professionalism it deserves. 

Experience and Efficiency 

Endicott offers years of experience handling calls from demanding industries and medical fields. Not only are our agents trained and medically-oriented, but they also have the experience that generic answering services simply can’t compete with. 

By using our expert agents for your emergency or disaster response efforts, you can better manage care for your callers in their time of need. Our agents use many techniques to streamline calls and serve as many callers with personal and professional support as possible. 

Endicott’s Emergency and Disaster Services Can Help 

Endicott’s expert agents, efficiency, compliance, and compassion make it easy to respond to disasters and emergencies with the urgency and support they deserve. Imagine helping callers out of danger and dispatching first responders with speed and compassion while keeping callers safe. 

Request a quote or call 800-947-3227 to learn more about our emergency and disaster solutions for creating safety and ease out of extreme distress. We’re happy to provide insight into what you need to effectively run a disaster and emergency call center.