Should You Hire A Virtual Receptionist?

women smiling into the camera wearing a headset


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Plenty of companies are already taking advantage of the benefits from using a virtual receptionist. Not only is this more cost effective for the company as a whole but the level of customer service is not at all compromised. A virtual agent can be as good as or even better than an actual in house receptionist. Here are the top 5 reasons a virtual receptionist will benefit:

  1. First impressions are everything!
  2. No one likes an automated service!
  3. Only take calls you need to take!
  4. Increase your productivity!
  5. Extend your availability!

First impressions are everything! By hiring a virtual receptionist you can be sure that a great first impression is what every caller will receive. Your business could offer the highest grade product at the lowest rate, but the customer’s interaction with the company would determine whether or not they utilize your services.

No one likes an automated service! With technology still on the rise, customers tend to still prefer speaking to a live agent versus an automated system every time! By using virtual receptionists, callers will speak to live agent every time they call. No buttons to push and no need to wait. Someone will always be available!

Only take calls you need to take! A virtual receptionist would be able to screen your incoming calls, schedule appointments/call backs per your instructions, and even forward to voicemail or directly to you if you prefer!

Increase your productivity! Using a virtual receptionist will free up your time. No need for you to take every single call now. You have the ability to focus to carry on with your work while having the peace of mind in knowing that your calls are all being handled in a professional manner.

Extend your availability! No need for your typical office hours when you have a virtual receptionist. Our agents are happy to provide answering services, days or night, holidays and weekends included.