Secure Text Messaging

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Secure Text Messaging

Secure mobile messaging for businesses is a convenient way to communicate with customers, partners, employees, and more. It’s especially convenient if you’re frequently traveling, if computer access is not always available, or if your team members are spread out over multiple locations. With a complete HIPAA compliant SMS service for business messaging, you can send and receive text messages, allowing you and your team members to instantly share important information. Your confidential conversations will always be kept secure within your information when you use Endicott’s HIPAA compliant texting solutions.

As a leader in business communication strategies, Endicott offers secure text messaging technology that is fully HIPAA-compliant, making it appropriate for healthcare and medical industries as well as other types of organizations. This makes it simple to safely exchange sensitive information via text, no matter where you are. Experience all the benefits of secure texting for healthcare, but in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

How Our Secure Text Messaging Services Can Help You

Whether you’re in healthcare or another type of industry, you can experience the following benefits of Endicott’s secure text messaging technology:

  • 100% safe and HIPAA-compliant secure text messaging
  • Efficient, quick sending and receiving of important messages
  • Real-time conversations through text
  • The ability to use mobile devices or computers to send and receive messages
  • On-call notifications
  • The ability to share images and documents
  • Quick “canned” messages customized to your needs
  • The ability to protect against data breach even if devices are lost or stolen
  • The ability to escalate important notifications
  • Streamlined communication system that is available even on-the-go

If your business needs to collaborate and communicate securely through mobile devices, our secure text messaging solutions will make it easy.

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