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When A Patient’s Health is On the Line, You Need to Answer Immediately

Answering the phone quickly and gathering information efficiently is important for most businesses. But in the medical dispatch field, it’s absolutely crucial. Someone’s health and wellbeing—maybe even life and death—can rest on your ability to answer immediately and handle the call efficiently.

When someone calls an emergency medical number, the operator has to quickly figure out the nature and urgency of the call, dispatch the appropriate response, and remain calm while giving the caller instructions for what to do until the first responders arrive. It’s a fast-paced job with no room for error.

That’s why professional, reliable EMD agents are so important. And, in addition to helping patients in need, having an excellent medical dispatch system will help the reputation of your healthcare facility and your city or county’s emergency response system.

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Why Top-Notch Operators are Lifesaving

It’s crucial to have the best operators for medical dispatch services. You need an experienced, well-trained agent with excellent voice quality—someone who can speak clearly and confidently. They need to be easy to understand, polite, and calm. Emergency call center agents must be well-trained to understand medical terms and know how to handle emergencies.

They also need to speak with authority to gather the right information and keep the patient calm and focused for the duration of the phone call. Their ability to take charge of the phone call is very important. And, they need to be understanding of callers who are hard to understand or who have trouble conveying the right information.

24/7 Backup Medical Answering Service

At Endicott, we work with urgent care centers, hospitals, police and fire stations, and ambulance units. Our emergency dispatch experts work 24/7 every day of the year. They’re available to back up your regular call center by taking overflow calls during busy times. In all types of emergencies, Endicott’s emergency call center agents will remain calm, helpful, and empathetic to callers.


HIPAA-Compliant Emergency Answering Services

We answer all incoming emergency calls with professionalism, collecting the necessary information and entering it into the system. We’ll route the call to the correct dispatcher or, if it ends up being a non-emergency call, we’ll route it to the desired medical provider. Our well-trained, professional emergency operators are here to offer medical assistance with confidence.

In addition, we are always HIPAA-compliant with all our healthcare services—including our emergency call center services. We manage callers’ information with complete accuracy and care.

Other benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency: Using a doctors’ answering service means better management of everything from scheduling to billing, patient care to physician follow-up. When your administrative staff is busy handling patient issues but the phone continues to ring, we’re here to answer your overflow. We also respond to after-hours calls and are adept at handling calls from patients in crisis.
  • Medically-oriented call center agents: Generic answering services can’t compare to Endicott Comm. Our answering service is medical in its approach and our services are HIPAA compliant. All of our agents are required to participate in HIPAA training programs and are annually recertified. Our emergency dispatch agents are well-trained in answering the phone in emergency situations. They’re qualified to help you deliver excellent care to the medical needs of your patients.
  • Compassion and professionalism: We are sensitive to the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. Our trained agents follow your call handling protocols, dispatching instructions, and data tracking processes. You’ll be using the advanced modern technology of an emergency call center service to respond quickly and efficiently to crises. But even so, you won’t lose that personal company touch. Our agents never forget the importance of people skills!
  • Experience and expertise: At Endicott, we have years of experience in several highly demanding medical fields. Our services have supported medical facilities, clinics, and hospitals. These are places where ER physicians, lab technicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on efficient and accurate communications.
  • Wide range of options available: In addition to our emergency call center dispatch service, we also provide answering services for individual medical staffers, veterinarians, hospice care facilities, home healthcare agencies, medical supply companies, insurance carriers, and medical event planners. We have a widespread presence in healthcare industries.

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