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Startel Portal

Partnering with a call center is about more than just having someone else take your calls. If the calls aren’t being logged somewhere, your business performance will suffer. Thanks to the Startel Portal, you can access a treasure trove of data collected by the call reps at Endicott Call Centers. This cloud-based portal allows you to learn everything from your patients’ contact information to your upcoming appointments schedule to customer questions and more!

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What is the Startel Portal?

The Startel Portal, also known as IntelliSite, is connected to the Startel Appointment Scheduler (SAS). Endicott uses the SAS because it’s the smartest way to book appointments! This software helps ensure that we are filling up your schedule efficiently. We’ll make sure that all your time slots are filled, so you’re bringing in the most revenue! Check out some of the reasons to love the Startel Portal below.

Get Improved Business Efficiency

The Startel Portal will dramatically improve the efficiency of your business practices. Your whole staff will love using it. And your customers will feel better cared for because you’re completely up-to-date on what’s going on in your business.

The Startel Portal helps you still feel in control of your business while still benefiting from call center services. You can review all the information related to your account whenever you want. Whenever you check your account, you’ll see all the latest interactions between your customers and our call reps. All of this detailed information about your customers is in one convenient place. And it’s user-friendly!

Take Your Business On the Go

The Startel Portal has all the features you want from your answering service’s online portal. The software is cloud-based for your convenience and highly secure for your peace of mind. With Startel, it’s easy to access important information at any time from anywhere. You can use your mobile device, tablet, or computer to check out your messages. All you need is an internet connection!

Since it’s your business, we don’t think it makes sense for you to have to give us a call or send us an email when you want to know what your clients have been saying. Thanks to Startel, you don’t have to! Everything you want to know about your clients (and more!) is easily accessible. The portal has detailed archives, so you can go as far back as you need to look at old appointments and messages. Everything will be nicely organized, so it’s easy to find.

Gain Continuous Two-Way Communication

The portal isn’t just a way for you to see what our call reps have been doing all day. It’s a way for you to make adjustments to your account. Do you need to make a change in the schedule? Do you need to change a staff member’s contact information? Has your on-call emergency personnel changed? Changing all of these details and more is just a few clicks away.

Startel Portal eliminates a lot of those mundane conversations between call center and client. However, you can always talk to us when you need to. Whenever you have questions that aren’t answered by the portal, just call us.

Save and Send Any Information

Sometimes you need to do more than just check back at old messages. You might need to save certain messages and information for future use. Startel Portal makes this easy!

You have the option to download and share files. This way, you can access them exactly where you want to in the future. This is also helpful if you have certain business associates who don’t have access to the Startel Portal. You can download and send them the info they need.

Benefit from Up-to-Date Information

You won’t ever have to worry about whether or not the Startel Portal is up-to-date. It updates every 30 seconds. No refreshing needed! No matter what device you’re using or what location you’re viewing the information, you’ll always get the latest information.

What you see on the Startel Portal is exactly what Endicott call reps see. You can check out as much or as little information as you want and do it at a time that’s convenient for you. Whether you want to review your upcoming schedule late at night, check your upcoming appointments on an airplane, or send an important message right after it comes through on the portal, you can do it. You’re always in the loop!

Maintain Transparency Between Your Business and Ours

Endicott understands that when you’re new to call centers, it can be hard to trust the call agents. You’re not part of the phone interactions, so you don’t know how we’re handling things. The Startel Portal eliminates this concern. You can see everything that’s happening with your account.

With the portal, you can see exactly how we’re representing your business. You can figure out what’s working well and what areas you want us to improve on. If you’re not satisfied with our performance, just let us know. We will keep adjusting until you’re completely satisfied!

Send Important Notifications ASAP

Sometimes you might make a scheduling change that affects your patients or customers. In those circumstances, the Startel Portal will notify your patients or customers quickly. You won’t have to worry about whether or not they are getting an update in a timely manner. You can see that they’ve been notified simply by checking the Startel Portal.

Gain a High Level of Security

Your Startel Portal account is password protected. You get to choose who does and does not have access to it. This is especially important if you work in the medical field. Your patients can always feel at ease knowing that their information is being protected to the utmost degree.

Endicott Call Center’s use of this software is just one more reason why we should be your first choice for a call center. Contact us by calling (800) 947-3227 today! We can’t wait to start a meaningful partnership with you and your business.

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