Resolution for a Consumer Dental Company For Incoming Calls & Orders


A dental goods company for consumers that produces and sells a mouth rinse used to treat halitosis and bad breath needed assistance in managing incoming calls. Their call load included new and returning customers placing orders and customer service calls.

The company also required a shift of internal resources while ensuring customers received the information they needed.

Search for a Solution

The company wanted to outsource the calls to our agents who would utilize the company’s backend CRM to enter orders from new and existing customers. Agents would also access internal spreadsheets to provide updates and answer customer questions. The incoming calls would need to be covered 24/7/365. The company has a large and fluctuating call volume and would need our agents to scale to meet the demand.


  • Endicott was able to develop a strategic plan to cover all incoming calls and determine the customers’ needs before routing to the proper agents for final service.
  • Agents were trained to use the company’s backend CRM and spreadsheet systems to enter orders and retrieve the desired information.
  • Management teams were able to put measures into place to allow for the fluctuating call volume and ensure Endicott would have available agents to handle the calls.
  • The Endicott team was able to use their experience and training to improve many factors in the company’s customer service plan and to improve the overall customer experience.

Results & Benefits

The Endicott team implemented the plan successfully. Agents were able to take over all incoming calls and place orders into the company’s CRM without issue. Agents simplified customer service requests and provide coverage for the majority of customer service calls.

The company was able to free up internal resources and redirect them to other areas. By doing so, the company was able to relieve stress on current staff without any additional hiring.

Endicott agents and the management team used their experience and training to create a positive customer service environment that is friendly, professional, and efficient.

According to the company’s Operations Manager, “Without their (Endicott’s) expertise, understanding, and ability to respond to issues quickly and decisively, we would have been completely overwhelmed during a very chaotic time for our business.”