Retail Company Needs Assistance With Order Placement & Management

Problem – Needing a Quality Answering Service

A retail company specializing in ‘As Seen on Tv’ products and other household items contacted Endicott which needed assistance with incoming calls. Naturally, they turn to an answering service solution. Calls would be coming from customers placing new orders and seeking information on current orders. The company also needed to reduce the strain of customer service on existing staff while ensuring customers got the information they need.

The company also wanted a partner that could grow with them and scale their operation to match planned expansion while still maintaining the same level of customer service as their own employees.

Search for a Solution

The agents would need to utilize the company’s backend CRM to enter orders from new and existing customers. Additionally, agents would need to access company databases to provide updates and answer customer questions. The incoming calls would need to be covered 24/7/365.


  • Endicott was able to create a strategic plan to accept all incoming calls and determine the customers’ needs before routing to the proper agents.
  • Agents were trained on using the company’s backend CRM and database systems.
  • Management teams were able to design and plan for the expected growth of the company, ensuring Endicott would have available agents to handle the increasing call volume.

Results & Benefits of Our Answering Service

Endicott was able to implement the plan successfully and exceed their original expectations. Agents were able to reduce hold time and increase the speed of placing orders.

Our agents were able to streamline first-tier customer service requests and provide coverage for a large percentage of customer service requests such as FAQ assistance and order tracking. This reduced workloads on the company’s staff, freeing them up to focus elsewhere.

Endicott agents we able to use experience and training to create a positive customer service environment that is friendly, professional, and efficient, which was one of the main goals of the company leadership.

As the company expanded operations, Endicott was able to scale up to match increased call volume. This pattern has repeated multiple times since the starting services in 2017.