Keeping Morale Up During the Pandemic and How We Can Help

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There is no doubt that the COVID 19 pandemic has changed the lives of people living in the United States and around the world. With stay-home orders coming in the states and then nationally, many small businesses are left with having no choice, but to lay off staff.

However, some businesses, like Endicott Call Centers, have played a massive role in helping meet human needs and helping with the morale of staff during the COVID 19 crisis. There are three ways call centers can aid your staff to maintain morale:

  • Acting as a Trusted Outsourcing Resource
  • Being a Calming Force
  • Hiring Laid-Off Personnel

All three functions are described in more depth below.

Call Centers as a Trusted Outsourcing Resource During Pandemic

The people of the United States have been heavily impacted by the outbreak of the coronavirus. They are often looking for answers about what they should do or what to expect. For this reason, each state in the union and the federal government have hotlines to link Americans up with the help they need during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Call centers are aiding in the battle of the coronavirus is to be a resource for hospitals and government offices who need to disseminate substantial amounts of information. During the COVID 19 pandemic, calls need to be fielded, linking people up with the services they might need.

Call centers are a vital link in the chain between callers and medical and health resources, that are in need of help.  They do this by acting as a hotline fielding questions about the virus, medical treatments, emergencies, testing, and more.

While these hotlines manned by call centers cannot provide clinical advice, the staff can still answer calls about coronavirus testing, prevention, and testing. Thousands of calls come into these call centers each day. People are asking for assistance in understanding the coronavirus. When these callers are given the respect they deserve, the morale of each caller is preserved.

Pandemic Call Centers as a Calming Force

Call centers today often find themselves receiving calls from people who are sick or frightened during the COVID 19 crisis. The customers are looking for help in locating testing facilities and other needs they have for themselves and their families.

The staff of call centers are trained to respond with empathy and compassion plus have received training in active listening. By not only fielding calls but also becoming sounding boards for their customers, the staff of a call center can ease the suffering of callers.

Because they are a friendly voice on the other end of a telephone line, call center staff have become a source of comfort and support during these trying times.

Hiring Laid Off Personnel

Some businesses, such as those that handle taking reservations for events, have been impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. No longer are they able to set up events for their customers as the stay-at-home orders do not allow for gatherings of more than ten people. To add to their problems, all the venues they would typically call to make reservations for their customers have shuttered their doors.

When these businesses find themselves left out in the cold, they find themselves facing the need to lay-off their staff, a painful prospect. The employees of these businesses know they are in trouble, and their morale drops to nearly zero.

Because a small business owner may not be equipped to handle high volume calls, they will need a call center that can. That is, the benefit of pairing up with a call center helps because these businesses tend to be larger and have more resources such as professionally, trained agents and scripted calls and advanced technologies.

How Endicott Can Help Your Business

During this time of national crisis, such as the COVID 19 pandemic, more than ever before, businesses and their employees are working from home. As a premier answering service, Endicott Call Centers will continue to provide world-class virtual assistance and answering services during the pandemic and beyond.

By outsourcing to Endicott, your customer answering service, our virtual assistants can offer flexible 24/7 coverage that is professionally handled by our trained staff.

Our staff is also fully trained in HIPAA- compliant text messaging, and Endicott Call Center offers bilingual services.

Reach Out to Endicott Call Centers

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