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At Endicott Call Centers, we know that your time is valuable and so are your customers. We can be standing by to handle help desk questions from basic to complex so that you and your employees can spend your time making more customers.

Choosing our help desk answering services means your customers will always have someone to talk to when they need assistance. Whether they need help with a technical question related to one of your products or need answers regarding the status of an order, our agents will be there. They will be prepared to provide guidance based on information you provide or route the call to the appropriate resource to resolve the issue in the most effective manner. With our help, you won’t have to worry about inquiries slipping through the cracks and harming the relationship you have with your customer base. We offer three levels to outsource help desk services, depending on your business needs.

Helpdesk call center

Help Desk Level 1 Services:

Our agents answer phone calls, log appropriate information into your ticketing system – or ours- and transfer callers to the correct person or department.

Help Desk Level 2 Services:

Our agents answer phone calls, log questions, and provide basic answers from a preapproved response library, escalating calls when necessary.

Help Desk Level 3 Services:

Our agents answer phone calls, log questions, and find solutions from a preapproved response library. For only more advanced problems that cannot be solved, we will call your staff to help find a resolution.

How Our Help Desk Solutions Benefit Your Business

Hiring us as your help desk outsourcing company gives you the added bandwidth you need. With our help, you can ensure all your customers’ questions are being answered without drawing precious resources away from your other operations. Some of the most important advantages our after-hours help desk services can provide for you include:

Customized scripts: We know how important it is to represent your brand properly at all times. We also know it can be difficult to trust an outside provider with customer-facing interactions. That’s why we offer you the ability to customize scripts so you can rest assured our agents will interact with your customers the same way you would.

Increased reach: Because our call centers are open and available to your customers 24/7, we give you the ability to connect with your customers no matter when they need your help. In addition, we also provide multilingual support so Spanish-speaking customers won’t be left waiting for an answer to their questions.

Customer loyalty: It should go without saying that the more responsive you are for your customers, the more positive their experiences with your brand will be. In an age when there is so much competition, being able to improve your customer service KPIs with outsourced call center services can be a real game-changer.

Lower costs: Hiring and managing your own dedicated customer service department can be a costly process. Choosing to outsource it through us means you still have the expertise ready to respond to your customers’ needs without committing a substantial amount of resources.

24/7 Help Desk Services:

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