Dental Office Answering Services For After Hours Scheduling

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Your Patients Need to Know You’re Always There

A dental office answering service may be more important than you think. When patients call your dental clinic, they’re expecting someone to answer right away. If they get put on hold for several minutes, they’ll be frustrated. If they go to voicemail, that’s even worse. Slow call response times could hurt your dental practice’s reputation and cause missed appointments or no-shows. At worst, it can cause you to lose revenue and lose patients to competitors.

On the other hand, if a friendly representative answers the phone immediately and takes care of your patient’s needs, you’ll have happier patients. They’ll be able to schedule their appointments quickly and easily. You can even increase revenue and lower costs when you have an excellent communication system in place!

So if your office staff can’t keep up with the volume of calls coming into your dental practice, you should consider call center services for your dental practice.

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Missed Appointments Can Cost You Big

Did you know that missed healthcare appointments cost healthcare providers about $150 billion a year? That’s a massive number, and you don’t want your dental practice to be a part of that statistic. We’ve worked with dentists and other healthcare providers for years. We know that in the end, it’s up to the patient to make it to their appointment in time or to call ahead if they’re unable to make it. But you can reduce the number of missed appointments with Endicott’s reminder services.

We can remind your patients by phone call or text message if they have an appointment coming up. You simply have to sync your schedule with ours, and we’ll take care of the communication. Reminding patients of their appointment—and asking them to let you know if their plans have changed—can save you money and help you run your dental practice much more efficiently!

Always Answer the Phone—Even After Hours

Not everyone is on the same schedule. Some people work nights, or they just forget to call during regular office hours. They might decide to call and make an appointment, only to realize that your office has just closed for the day. When they hear your voicemail machine picking up, they might think “Oh, I’ll just call tomorrow.” But maybe they won’t. Every time someone forgets to schedule an appointment, you’re missing the chance to help someone improve their dental health (and losing revenue).

If someone had immediately picked up the phone, that patient would have been able to quickly and easily schedule an appointment. That’s why after-hours answering is so important. It’s convenient for your patients who have different schedules, and it’s comforting for them to know that they can call your dental practice anytime—day or night. 


Dental Office Answering Service With Flexible Options

Our agents are professional, efficient, and skilled at scheduling appointments and offering customer service. They are well-trained and friendly. Plus, they will answer the phone immediately so your patients never have to wait. We offer plenty of options to meet your needs:

  • After-Hours Answering Services

Our dental after-hours answering service can answer calls after-hours, making appointment scheduling available to patients day and night. That way, your regular staff can handle the office hours and switch it over to us when they leave for the day. Your patients won’t ever have to experience the frustration of calling your office to schedule their appointment, only to find that it’s closed.

  • Round-the-Clock Dental Scheduling Service

Don’t have enough in-office staff to keep up with the phone calls coming in? You can have Endicott agents answering your phone 24/7. Your staff will never be overwhelmed with calls. That way, they can focus on providing excellent care to their face-to-face patients.

We Use Your Software!

We also use your chosen software to manage appointment setting. There are so many dentist appointment scheduling software programs out there, and we’ve found it makes everything easier if we’re on the same page. When we enter an appointment into the schedule, it will immediately show up on your end. No double-booking!

HIPAA-Compliant Dental Scheduling Service

Endicott’s agents are incredibly efficient at scheduling appointments and managing calls. Since they specialize in appointment setting and customer service, they can quickly gather your patients’ information and put it into your schedule. They offer the high quality of service that your dental practice deserves. And, we are fully HIPAA-compliant to protect your patients’ privacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a phone answering service do for dental offices?

Our services take calls for your dental office outside of regular business hours. This means your patients will be able to have their calls answered by a live representative to help them with scheduling appointments or answering questions. We help boost patients’ engagement and improve their satisfaction with your practice.

Do your dental virtual receptionists follow HIPAA regulations?

We understand how important it is for your practice to safeguard patients’ sensitive personal and financial information. This is why all of our representatives are fully trained in compliance with HIPAA. You can rest assured knowing that they will handle all information given by your patients with the highest degrees of care and professionalism. We make sure nothing is left to chance, helping you prevent the risk of data breaches that can cost you a substantial amount.

Who will be taking calls from our patients?

Whether they reach out by phone or through live chat, all your patients’ inquiries will be answered by our highly trained, experienced customer service representatives. They will answer questions and schedule appointments in the most helpful and professional manner possible, giving your patients the best overall experience. We take pride in our ability to handle calls and requests as an extension of your office, and in doing so we help your practice boost patient satisfaction and enhance retention. Our experts are ready and able to take your incoming calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.