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The Cornerstones of a Hospice Answering Service

Hospice and home care are very personal services. Anyone working in the industry needs to have a compassionate touch. Your business is constantly dealing with patients and families who are going through hardship. Even the smallest kindness can make a big difference in their day. As their home care or hospice provider, you want to offer as much comfort, reliability, and assistance as possible. 

So, if you’re looking for a hospice answering service, you need to be sure that you’re hiring an experienced company. You need hospice call center agents who are trained specifically to understand how to treat hospice and home care inquiries. These agents need to be adept at serving the medical space, with a full understanding of the terms, practices, and gear used in hospice care. They need to know how to confidently meet your patients’ needs with the utmost care and sensitivity.

At Endicott, our hospice call center agents are well-trained in hospice care terminology and the needs of your clients. You can rest assured knowing your patients and their families are in good hands!

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Let Your Clients and Patients Know You’re There For Them

From the initial phone call inquiring about your services, you need to show clients that your staff is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable. The person answering the phone should be able to create a first impression that will put the caller’s mind at ease. Your callers are trying to make difficult decisions, and every interaction can make a difference. They’ll likely have lots of questions, and the person on the phone needs to be able to answer them with ease.

When there’s always someone to answer the phone—no matter what time of the day, even on weekends—then you’re showing your clients and patients that you care. You’re maintaining a link with them at all times, and it shows that you’ll do everything you can to ensure the comfort of your clients and their loved ones during a difficult time.

Nursing Home Answering Service with Flexible Options

Our empathetic, friendly agents are skilled at answering questions, scheduling appointments and putting your clients’ minds at ease. They can let your clients know about scheduled nurse visits or appointments, and they can answer questions and provide basic clinical advice for pain management and other symptoms. They can also quickly transfer the call to emergency services or put the caller in touch with a nurse or doctor if needed. In addition, our hospice customer service agents are here around the clock to answer the phone promptly so that your callers never have to wait.

In all cases, we will take notes and report all client call information to you. We will follow your protocols and learn all applicable issues that are important to your hospice facility. We offer plenty of home care answering service options to meet your needs:

After-Hours Answering Services

When your home care or hospice staff leave for the day, our hospice and home care answering service can take over the phone lines. We can answer the phone overnight, during weekends and holidays, or any time your in-office staff is unavailable to take calls. This option is an affordable way to make sure your callers always have someone to take care of their needs.

Round-the-Clock Answering Services

Is your staff struggling to keep up with the phone calls coming in? When you have Endicott agents available to take your calls 24/7, your staff will never be overwhelmed on the days when the phone is ringing off the hook. That way, they can focus on providing excellent care to their face-to-face clients and patients.

Helpful, HIPAA-Compliant Hospice Care Answering Service

Endicott has worked in the medical space for years, and we have specialized knowledge in medical and hospice care requirements. We are fully HIPAA-compliant and we take care to fulfill all regulations and best practices. We take sensitive information seriously. Our helpful, well-trained operators are here 24/7 to assist your clients and patients with appointment scheduling, message delivery, inquiries, and more. We are also set up to help with emergencies.

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We’ve worked with many home care and hospice services over the years. Whether your business is large or small, we have the know-how and the resources to help your business run more smoothly while providing excellent care to your clients. Call us at (800) 947-3227 if you’d like to discuss your communication needs. We can set up a answering service for care at home and hospice services that is tailored to your unique business.