Endicott Supports Pool Company by Eliminating Long Wait Times


When a pool company was dissatisfied with their prior answering service provider and wanted fast answering times for incoming calls, a fresh service solution was needed to eliminate excessive wait times and increase customer satisfaction. Agents needed to take respond efficiently over a high volume of calls to serve customers quickly and accurately.

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The pool company asked that their new answering service solution could handle calls from their customers without placing them on hold for multiple minutes and while following a clear script for service. The solution would improve customer satisfaction and impact sales by decreasing long wait times and following the guidelines of the client for interfacing with customers.


  • Endicott quickly deployed the resources needed to decrease hold times to zero for over 90% of calls placed to the pool company, limiting holds to initial service migration only. 
  • Customer satisfaction, as well as speed and efficiency, was improved by reducing Time to Answer from 1.5 minutes to 4.8 seconds with its answering service according to analytics. 
  • Endicott took thousands of calls from the pool company and served talk times that met goals so that the company could focus on immediate business demands. This means a lot of the busy work is taken out of the picture for our clients so that they can focus on other tasks that need to be tackled.

Results & Benefits of Our Answering Service

Endicott saved customers and the company incredible amounts of time by deploying the right resources to serve thousands of calls with minimal holds.

Endicott also improved customer experiences, maintaining an impression of the pool company as responsive and available for customer concerns.

Endicott gave the company the ability to answer calls in a matter of seconds rather than the previous company’s 1.5-minute record.

Endicott supported the pool company in its mission to improve customer experience and impact the business by following scripts and eliminating waits.