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Disaster Backup

Unfortunately, emergencies and natural disasters are a fact of life. Unpredictable circumstances can arise and cause serious problems such as lost customers, lost revenue, a tarnished reputation, and even lawsuits or fines. Are you prepared if your primary contact center goes down due to software problems, server failure, a compromised network, power outage, an inaccessible facility, cable issues, or an unprecedented high call volume? If you don’t have a disaster backup plan in place, it’s time to make one.

With Endicott Call Center’s disaster answering services on standby, you’ll be prepared in case of a crisis. With our 100% US based locations, we will be there if your primary communications fail. We’re flexible and scalable enough to handle unexpected high call volumes, and we offer affordable, customizable plans with a dedicated staff working 24/7, 365 days per year. Eliminate costly downtime and protect your business in case of emergency.

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How Our Disaster Backup Services Can Help You

Not only will your business reap the benefits of having a disaster backup service on standby, but your callers will also get the benefits of helpful, proficient 24/7 operators who are there to help. Here are some of the valuable benefits of Endicott’s disaster backup services:

  • Instant call center functionality as soon as you need it
  • Highly-trained live agents available 24/7 by phone, email, IVR, and more
  • English and Spanish-speaking operators
  • Flexible, scalable options to fit your needs
  • Affordable backup plan in case of disaster
  • Facilities located throughout the US with the ability to re-route calls to any of our call centers
  • Multiple channels of communication available
  • Call center facilities with specialized power systems and generators
  • Full access to tracking and call management software that lets you evaluate our performance

When your systems fail, we’ll be there to handle your customer service needs so that you never leave your customers in the dark.

It takes much more than technical expertise to help people during an emergency, however. Fortunately, we emphasize empathy when training our disaster call center personnel. One of the core values on which we operate is being able to put ourselves in the shoes of the people who call into our contact centers. During an emergency, people calling into your business are looking for reassurance first and foremost. They’re worried about what the near future may bring and they’re looking to you to let them know you’re there for them.

When you work with us and our disaster recovery answering services, you can be certain our representatives will answer each and every call from your customers with the highest levels of compassion and professionalism. Our goal is to show them that someone cares about them and is working tirelessly to resolve their issues and maintain the services they need. The training we provide our disaster recovery call center agents ensures that they will keep your customers calm, provide them with the answers they need, and deliver the most appropriate response to their concerns.

It’s no wonder we provide call center disaster recovery solutions to clients including hospitals, police departments, fire departments and ambulance units to handle their overflow medical dispatch calls during emergencies and natural disasters. They count on our experienced and knowledgeable agents to handle calls with the knowledge and skillset needed to do the most good. Our specific expertise includes full HIPAA compliance, so you won’t need to worry about customers’ private information being compromised during a crisis. Our secure collection methods prevent sensitive details from falling into the wrong hands.

Helping callers in their time of need is just one of the many services our virtual disaster recovery call centers can provide for you and your clients. Contact us today at (800) 947-3227 to find out how Endicott Call Centers can help you maintain your customer service even in the case of a disaster.

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