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Do You Have Too Much on Your Plate?

Running a law firm comes with several responsibilities. You’re meeting with clients, getting information from prospective clients, assisting in court cases, facilitating research and case management, and much more. You have to finish all your tasks, keep your clients happy, and keep your law firm running smoothly at all times.

In addition to keeping up with your daily tasks, you have to make sure someone is always answering the phone. Missing a phone call can have serious consequences. And having office staff who are always available is challenging—and costly. But what if you and your staff could stop playing phone tag and just focus on law? You’d have more time to focus on your clients and provide excellent legal service. You wouldn’t have to worry about missing a phone call, so you’d be less stressed at work and at home.

Legal office answering service

Gain the Benefits of a Legal Answering Service

With a law office answering service like Endicott Comm, you can get all the benefits of a contact center—plus, we have extensive legal experience. As an after-hours answering service for attorneys, we offer an array of communications solutions for even the busiest offices. Our virtual receptionists are trained to meet the needs of the legal field with professionalism, tact, and accuracy.

Here’s the best part of our answering service for attorneys: our virtual receptionists are available to your law firm 24/7 and 365 days a year. Weekends, nights, and holidays are no problem for us. Take some much-needed time away from the phone and let us handle it!

Never Send Another Client to Voicemail

Our personable, well-trained, reliable agents do more than pick up the phone. They follow your communications guidelines and protocols to the letter. We’ll work together to set up a plan that works for your legal office. After all, it’s our goal to be a seamless extension of your office. You and your clients can always rely on us to provide excellent communication.

When you hire a legal virtual receptionist, you’ll boost your client experience. Not only will your clients have a professional agent answering their questions and helping them navigate the legal process, but you will also be more focused and efficient when it comes to your own job. You can even grow your revenue with our affordable answering service for law firms.

What We Do

With over 20 years in communications, Endicott offers excellent professional call center services for law offices. Our agents go through extensive training to learn the best customer service and communications skills. Plus, we train them in legal vocabulary so that they understand how your law firm works. This is a great asset when our agents are talking to clients or informing you of a conversation that they had with a client. We offer:

  • After-Hours Answering Services

Make appointment scheduling constantly available. You and your staff can handle phone calls during office hours, and we’ll take over from there.

  • Round-the-Clock Answering Services

With 24/7 legal answering services, you’ll always have a professional, helpful, and well-trained agent available to answer calls.

Outsource These Tasks to a Pro

Wondering what our legal answering service offers? Your Endicott virtual receptionist can:

  • Set a professional tone for your office
  • Handle calls from current and prospective clients
  • Field overflow, after-hours calls, and weekend calls
  • Provide holiday coverage
  • Manage the qualifying and pre-screening process for new clients
  • Re-route and dispatch calls based on your instructions
  • Provide Spanish, English and other language support
  • Schedule and confirm consultations and appointments
  • Triage inmate collect calls
  • Create digital records of every message
  • Deliver messages to you and your staff via phone, email, text, or fax as you prefer
  • Handle information with security

With Endicott, you’ll no longer have to spend time and energy worrying about the phone. Leave the phone answering to our legal answering service so you can get back to doing what you do best: working on cases, consulting with clients, and practicing the law.

Who We Work With

No matter the size of your law firm or the area of law in which you practice, our answering services will work for you. Small law firms can greatly benefit from our services because you may not have the appropriate staff to answer the phone every day. We also work with larger businesses. With our flexible system, we can scale up or down as needed. We work in family law, criminal law, corporate law, commercial law, and more.  We’re here to schedule appointments, act as your virtual receptionist, and more.

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