Medical Offices and Scheduling

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As a healthcare services provider you understand the need for access to care. When benefit utilization is needed, many members prefer a human touch to assist them with individual healthcare needs.

How do you think your members feel when they reach out for help and are placed in a maze of automated prompts that are time consuming and may not match their inquiry? Or they press the wrong button and end up in the wrong department and have to go back through the automated prompts. Considering the changes that will be taking place in the healthcare market over the next several years, it’s more important than ever to put in place a customer service option that builds loyalty and increases member satisfaction.

You can completely avoid these member services issues. Endicott’s healthcare answer service provides Member Services support agents that can be there to assist with member inquiries or reach the appropriate designated On Call nurse 24/7/365. Our live agents are there to make it convenient for your members to do business with you.

Our agents will be there to answer inquiries about:

  • Benefits available based on the member’s plan
  • Benefit changes
  • Enrollment procedures and time periods
  • Products available
  • Literature requests
  • Coverage plans
  • Membership eligibility
  • Event notifications and registration

Based on your guidelines, FAQs, and the scripts we jointly develop, your Endicott agent will respond to just about every inquiry and scheduling appointments. We will respond to your members and provide you with the details on every transaction.

Our agents are metrics driven. We strive to consistently achieve metrics that are important to our clients to assure service delivery is on target. Providing your members with live support makes it easier for them to do business with you.

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