Call Center Technology Solutions

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Call Center Technology Solutions

As your contact center company, our inbound call center technology does far more than just answer the phone. We offer a variety of communications solutions for your business. Endicott Call Centers can provide you with several contact center technology solutions to streamline your business communications, whether you’re communicating with clients or collaborating with peers, employees, and business partners. As a 24/7 call center and a leader in business communications, Endicott is here to support small, medium, and large businesses from any industry.

Endicott Call Centers offers:

  • 100% US-based support
  • 24/7 availability
  • Customizable packages
  • Phone, email, live chat, and text-based communications solutions
  • Highly-trained operators
  • Bilingual agents
  • Excellent capacity and scalability
  • HIPAA compliance for healthcare and medical fields
  • Full access to tools that let you manage, monitor, and evaluate our performance

Our call center technology solutions include:

Email Management

It’s important to respond quickly to incoming emails, but oftentimes, you just don’t have time to handle all the daily questions, inquiries, and customer concerns. With Endicott’s round-the-clock services, you can have a professional email management agent handling the stream of emails that you get every day. They’ll take care of all the basic questions and concerns based on a customized response library. Our email management services will free up your time to focus on core business tasks. (Learn More)


We care about our customers, just like you care about yours! To make it easier for us to partner with you, we offer a web-based business management solution that enables you to communicate, monitor, and evaluate our performance. This cloud-based solution is accessible from computers, phones, and tablets. It streamlines communications between your office and our call center, making it easy to jointly manage your business’s customer service needs. (Learn More)

Live Chat

Integrating live chat features into your website is an excellent way to engage with customers. Whether you have an ecommerce shop or you’re a service provider, live chat features enable you to answer customer questions instantly, guide them through the shopping process, and improve your online sales efficiently and affordably. (Learn More)


Interactive voice response is a professional, time-saving way to manage your incoming calls. With a well-thought-out IVR system you can greet callers, route them to the correct person or department, answer their questions, and more. Best of all, it’s an automated system, so you save both time and money. Endicott’s customized IVR messages are a valuable asset to any business. (Learn More)

Secure Text Messaging

We’re dedicated to providing the most convenient and secure ways for you to communicate, whether it’s in-house or with clients. That’s why we offer secure text messaging technology that is fully HIPAA-compliant. These SMS messaging services are appropriate for healthcare and medical industries as well as other types of organizations. With Endicott, it’s simple to exchange sensitive information via text, no matter where you are. (Learn More)