Call Center Services

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Call Center Services

No matter what kind of business you have, you can probably benefit from using a call center. Endicott’s highly-trained call center representatives will seamlessly integrate into your business. With our help, your workflow can become much more efficient. Our representatives are even bilingual to help your business reach more customers!

The professionals at Endicott Call Centers can handle all your customer communication. We’ll add tremendous value to your business and offer you custom inbound call center solutions for all your outsourced call center needs.

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A Reputation That Has Stood the Test of Time

In the fifty years we’ve been in business, Endicott Call Centers has built a solid reputation. We have five outbound and inbound call centers all around the United States. Our reps use the latest technology and provide the highest-quality outsourced customer service.

Connecting Your Business with 24/7 Call Center Solutions

We Make Your Business Look Good

At Endicott, we understand how important it is to represent your business in a good light. We consider it a privilege to work with you. We always want to make your brand look good! It’s rare to find a call center that’s just as invested in your business as their own. But that’s exactly how Endicott operates! We customize our services to your specific goals. We want to see you succeed!

Benefit from Friendly, Professional Call Center Agents

Our operators are always professional and enthusiastic. We love what we do, and we’ll treat each of your customers with an equal level of care and respect. Our inbound call center services include order fulfillment, lead generation, and third-party verification. It’s everything you want from a high-quality call center.

Stop Missing Customer Calls

When we’re taking care of your phones, you’ll have fewer missed calls. That means maximum business and maximum revenue! But our service doesn’t stop with answering calls. We train our operators on your specific industry and business practices. You experience a higher level of professionalism. We want to leave each of your customers with a positive experience that enhances their loyalty to your business.

Experience Greater Customer Retention

A key part of any business is building and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. Our personable call center operators are positive and easy to talk to. You won’t have to worry about entrusting your customers’ needs to us. We’ll effectively answer questions, resolve complaints, and give them a reason to smile. They won’t hesitate to call again!

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. It can also be the scariest part to hand over to a call center. But Endicott truly values your customers. We’ll always employ the best customer care strategies, so your business has more successful transactions.

Collect Valuable Customer Information

Our outsourced call centers can also contact your past customers and ask them about their experience. This way, we know what we’re doing well and what areas we can improve in. These are things you can incorporate into your business strategies. It’s a tremendous way to add value to your business no matter what industry you’re working in. Endicott makes data collection a cinch!

Provide Direct Responses

If you’re running an “as seen on TV” campaign, an infomercial, radio commercial, or web campaign, you urge buyers to “order now.” To have a successful campaign, you need to make sure you have a team that can keep up with a large volume of calls. Endicott can help pick up the slack! We’ll promptly answer calls and process orders so you can close the maximum number of sales.

Provide a Backup in Case of Disaster

Technological problems such as software issues, power outages, and server or network failures can cause your business to quickly fall behind. But if you prepare the right way, you won’t have to experience any downtime, even during a disaster. By partnering with our call center, you can keep communicating with customers and processing sales. Your business won’t suffer in the event of an emergency.

Answer Basic Questions for Your Help Desk

If you’re an IT business, you’re used to getting slammed with countless questions. Endicott understands that your time is valuable and you can’t afford to spend such a large amount of time on computer basics. With Endicott, you can forward these basic questions to our call centers. Your customers will still feel cared for, and their tech problems will be resolved in no time. You’ll just be free to handle the bigger issues.

Keep Your Hotline Up and Running

If your business has a hotline, you need someone to always be handling the phones. This includes late at night, during weekends, and on holidays. But you also need a break to maintain high-quality service. The smart solution is hiring a call center that can answer the phones at all times. No matter what time of year it is or what time of day it is, we’ll answer cheerfully. Your callers will definitely appreciate talking to a live person!

Take and Fulfill Orders

One of the most basic but important business tasks is taking orders. It can be incredibly time-consuming. Utilizing a call center gives you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business. We’ll process and fulfill orders for you! Your in-house employees can focus on core business tasks while we close sales with the utmost professionalism and customer care.

Adding Value to Businesses in Every Industry

No matter how big your business is or what industry you work in, Endicott Call Centers has something for you. We offer many services that can be used individually or bundled together if needed. No matter what, our operators will always be available 24/7 to courteously and promptly assist your customers.

With our 24/7 live answering services, your customers will experience:

  • Conversations with a highly-trained operator
  • Scripts that are customized to your business’s needs
  • Improved customer care
  • 24/7 help
  • English and Spanish-speaking agents
  • HIPPA-compliant agents for the medical industry

Are you ready to experience just how beneficial a call center can be? Contact Endicott Call Centers at (800) 947-3227. Just like our amazing call center services, we are available to talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!