Endicott Helps Property Management Company Improve Quality of Service

Quality of Service Problem

When a large manager of sixteen unique properties wanted quick response times for incoming emergencies, an answering service with the ability to scale to call volumes was needed to improve customer care. Agents needed to take calls quickly and resolve issues efficiently during times of emergency when time on hold can significantly impact customer satisfaction. Not sacrificing quality of service is key.

Search for a Quality of Service Solution

The property manager required an answering service solution that could handle emergency calls for all their properties and coordinate with the right teams to satisfy customer concerns. The solution would need to improve customer care by decreasing hold times and deploying the right people to address each customer’s emergency.


  • Endicott immediately developed a system for identifying emergency calls and trained agents to be able to make account notes and dispatch teams to address resident emergencies without sacrificing Quality of Service. 
  • Customer care was improved, and efficiency was cultivated by ensuring a 75% decrease in Time to Answer compared to the previous company’s attempts to meet client needs. 
  • Endicott used internal knowledge from the property management company to alter resident accounts and improve the customer experience of calling in to report on emergencies. 

Results & Benefits

Endicott made a time-saving improvement to answering times that maximized customer experiences even in times of property emergencies.

Endicott increased positive customer experiences, keeping residents and the client satisfied with the response to no heat, water, power, and leaks.

Endicott offered the ability to dispatch teams to resolve resident reports in a timely and efficient manner through knowledge of the property manager.

Endicott helped the property manager impress customers by lowering wait times significantly and showing responsiveness to their concerns.