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Interactive Voice Response

An Interactive Voice Response system, or IVR, is a simple tool that can bring big benefits to nearly any type of business. IVR is a telephone menu system that helps identify and route callers to the most appropriate agent. If you’ve ever had to “press 1 for business hours” or “press 2 to talk to technical support,” you’ve experienced an IVR system. Without the need for a live person to route each call, you’ll save money and increase efficiency when it comes to your customer service. It’s a simple form of automation that saves time and helps customers at the same time!

Endicott Call Centers offers IVR solutions for small business that allow you to configure a personalized, pre-recorded greeting that will efficiently guide callers to the right live agent. Our professional approach will help you decide on the best IVR greetings and messages for your company. IVR solutions can help you manage high call volumes, collect information about your customers’ needs, solve your customers’ problems, and improve your company’s image!

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How Our IVR Call Center Services Can Help You

There are so many benefits to adding IVR services to your communications system:

  • Handle fluctuating or high call volumes with ease
  • Increase efficiency and save time for customer service representatives
  • Speed up resolution by directing the call to the right agent or department the first time
  • Reduce operational costs by automating the initial routing of the call
  • Increase professionalism and improve your company’s image
  • Improve customer satisfaction with reliable, easy to use prompts
  • Potential for an improvement in bottom-line performance and customer satisfaction
  • Prerecorded IVR messages that are tailored to your business

Give us a call at (800) 947-3227 to learn more about the benefits of partnering with an experienced IVR call center like Endicott. We look forward to helping you improve your customer service!