Benefits To Having A Virtual Receptionist

6 Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist



Realize Customer-Focused Outcomes from a Skilled Virtual Receptionist

A great telephone receptionist provides a lot of value to your business. This includes driving sales and forming a favorable impact on customers and callers. Yet hiring a good, full-time telephone receptionist is expensive. There are the hourly rate, benefits, and perks. And you must figure a way to cover for breaks, lunches, sick days, and vacations. The costs add up fast.

As an alternative to hiring an expensive receptionist to sit in your office, for a fraction of the cost, hire a virtual receptionist. This allows you to achieve all the benefits of an in-house receptionist and much more. Also, you won’t have the added payroll and human resource expense or the hassle of coordinating schedules.

Hiring a virtual receptionist, from a professional outsource answering service, will provide many positive outcomes for the most cost-effective price. Here are the six key benefits you’ll enjoy when you use a virtual receptionist.

Create a Favorable Impression:

Having a virtual receptionist answer your phone calls creates an instant, positive first impression on callers. But this is difficult to realize when you recruit your staff to take turns answering the phone, which is something none of them really want to do. And making a positive impression is certainly something that voice mail will never accomplish. When your customers call you, they want to talk to a person. A virtual receptionist can make this happen, 24/7.

Build Trust

Build Trust: 

Often a potential customer’s first interaction with a company is over the phone. This initial phone call can do a lot to determine if the inquiry turns into a sale or a missed opportunity. It boils down to trust. If the caller trusts the person they’re talking to, they’re likely to trust the company and its product. They’re much more likely to buy, then if their first interaction failed to establish trust.

Gain More New Business:

As you create favorable impressions and build trust by using a virtual receptionist, the automatic result—in addition to goodwill—is increased sales. Although the return on investment (ROI) varies with the cost of your product, often one new sale is enough to cover the cost of a virtual receptionist for the entire month. If you get more than one sale, that’s even better.

Capture Repeat Orders:

When customers have a positive phone experience with a company, they’re much more likely to do business with that company again. This means one order can turn into two and then three—all because a virtual receptionist answered the first phone call and set in motion an initial sale followed by a string of follow-up sales. A virtual receptionist can help maximize the lifetime value of each customer.

Present a Professional Image

Present a Professional Image:

When a skilled virtual receptionist handles your phone calls, you create a professional image of your company. Professional sounding phone calls create the perception of professionalism in all other areas. This includes sales, customer service, accounting, and management.

Provide a Personal Connection:

Professionalism is critical, but be sure to balance this with forming personal connections. Detached professionalism is out; engaged professionalism is in. This starts when a telephone receptionist forms a personal connection with each of your callers.

  1. Summary:
  2. A virtual receptionist, from a professional telephone answering service, provides many positive benefits. Key outcomes include creating a favorable impression, building trust, gaining more sales, and enjoying repeat orders. In addition, they’ll present a professional image and provide a personal connection.
  3. As a bonus, a professional virtual receptionist is the most cost-effective way to realize these outcomes. Don’t hire an expensive in-house receptionist, and don’t force automation on your callers. Instead tap a virtual receptionist. You’ll be glad you did.
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