Answering Customer Concerns with Care: A Business Breakdown

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In order to keep a well-known reputation in an industry, strengthening the way a business handles customer concerns should be an ever-evolving feat. There’s no doubt about it, every business will encounter customer questions, concerns, and sometimes complaints may even arise. It’s crucial in these instances to have representatives who are trained to respond in kind and courtesy manner as sometimes these inquiries may be of sensitive nature.

The customers’ needs should come first and in an efficient approach that leaves them feeling valued from the get-go. This all starts by understanding what solutions will help customers and resolve issues at hand quickly. When communication is a strong-point, repeat business is created by satisfied customers. This should be the ultimate goal of any organization no matter what products they sell or services they deliver. Partnering with a call center can help achieve this as they offer resources which ensure customer concerns are met with utmost care.

Key Approaches in Responding to Complaints

Sometimes issues will be specific and other times, it may take some discussion to understand what information or processes the customer is in need of. It’s important to note that the tone of voice presented by a call agent should be friendly and supportive. There are some key steps that should be taken by a trained call representative when responding to a customer that has some sort of complaint or concern. Some positive and reassuring words and phrases that can be used include:

  • To understand you better, can you…
  • Thank you for the feedback…
  • May I make a suggestion?
  • I am happy to help get to the bottom of this…
  • Definitely…

Once a positive tone is established and the customer feels confident that their concern is being taken seriously, call representatives must then navigate by way of discussion to pinpoint exactly what the customer needs and decide how to resolve the issue. Here’s a quick checklist of what needs to take place when responding to complaints and concerns.

  1. Respond specifically to what the customer brought up during the initial point of contact. This let’s them know that they have been heard.
  2. Directly respond with how the organization intends to fix the problem, or what the next steps will be in ensuring the matter is adequately handled.
  3. If necessary, provide an apology that acknowledges mishaps or mistakes that have occurred on part of the business. This creates a sense of value and respect customers expect from businesses. 
  4. Assure the customer their business is valued and the company intends to improve their future experience. It’s important to always end the call on a positive note.

Customer Concerns with Call Center Care

Maintaining a brand’s good standing can go a long way in overall business success. That’s why it’s so important for a business to ensure that they have professionals ready to answer their calls and provide assistance to customers instantly. There are several ways a contact center can streamline communication channels and provide results. Some benefits of this type of partnership include:

  • Positive customer experiences are established that, in turn, create lasting professional relationships.
  • Multilingual call center services can be catered to certain demographics to ensure every customer is being heard and represented.
  • Customers can reach a business year-round at any time of day or night. Having 24/7 customer care truly sets businesses apart from others in their industry who may not offer such service.
  • Professionally trained agents understand what a brand stands for and how to deliver the quality customer service needed to protect a businesses reputation. 

About Endicott Call Centers

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Endicott offers full-service virtual receptionists and a wide variety of other services to help you run your business more efficiently. With Endicott, you have access to:

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