5 Reasons Why You Need A Medical Answering Service

happily smiling women ready to take calls


As technologies continue to revolutionize the doctor-patient relationship, one practically indispensable tool for physicians is a professional and reliable customer service department. Patients call to inquire and book appointments or to seek the medical practitioner’s advice, which translates to unlimited calls throughout the day. And since it is impossible to have the doctor receive all calls the whole day, one great solution is to hire a physician answering service company.

Well, a company like Endicott comes with not only the right staff, but also the experience and reputation of finding smart, professional, and courteous agents. Their services are customized for different institutions too. All these reasons aside, let’s review the various reasons and benefits of choosing an after-hours answering service firm for your medical facility.

1. Economical – Slash staff costs Ansafone February 11.jpg

The best way of expanding your company is by finding the right answering services to partner with. If you choose to use in-house staff, first you’ll need to train them, provide salaries and ensure that they are always there, 24/7. Of course, it is time-consuming, and that’s why it would be wise to hire a medical answering service.

2. Reliability – Every call, answered

Medical practices are busy. Without a professional answering service, your employees are trying to manage the patients that are in the clinic as well as the ones who are on the phone. It can cause a lack of quality patient care when your patients are standing and waiting while the receptionist is answering the phone. And your patients on the phone don’t want to be kept waiting while the person they are trying to talk to is helping someone else.  You need every call to be answered promptly and handled with care and compassion. A medical answering service can also handle your after hours calls, as not every patient need happens during business hours. 

3. Patient care – focus on your patients 

Working with a medical answering service allows your employees to focus on the patients who are physically in your location. Rather than trying to divide their attention between patients and the always ringing phone, outsourcing your phone calls allows you to meet the highest expectations for patient care.

4. Pay only for call times

Unlike having an in-house receptionist who is paid whether there’s a call or not, hiring a professional physician answering service firm is significantly cheaper. Endicott charges only charge for the calls received or made. That’s to say; it is cost-friendly as well.

5. Flexibility of using scheduling software you prefer

When you hire a great medical answering service company, you’ll not have to do a makeover of all the software your institution often uses. If the selected service provider is flexible and willing to use your preferred scheduling software, you’ll not experience additional costs.