Are Call Centers Good for Small Businesses?

Are Call Centers Good for Small Businesses?


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As a small business, you may assume that a call center is not for you. But one of the biggest challenges to your small business is your size. Yes, you can cut out the red tape and be more flexible than some of the more prominent names, but sometimes it makes you seem inexperienced to the large accounts you want to land.

Potential customers want to know your brand is trustworthy enough to work with. Without the resources to dazzle the big projects, it is sometimes tough to get potential clients to agree to work with you.

A call center may be just the ticket you need to make your small business look much more extensive. With this resource, you can land those big contracts and see your business soar. Some of the main reasons why your small business should consider a call center includes:

Easy Customer Service

Small businesses do not generally have the resources to answer calls 24/7. Even if a customer understands that you can’t keep your staff at the office all the time, they still want you to help them when they need you.

Outsourcing your customer service to a call center that is operational 24/7 allows customers to speak to a live voice and get the help they need at all times of the day. The call center agents may not solve every issue they encounter, but they can at least answer the phone and create a support ticket for your staff to handle later.

More Lead Capturing

The best way to grow your business is to onboard as many customers as possible and keep them happy. Often, this task is challenging when you can only answer calls 8 hours of the day. The time restraint leaves a lot of leads on the table. A call center can help capture those leads while taking a lot of the stress off your shoulders.

Professional Staff

If you have an in-house receptionist, they are probably fantastic at their job. However, this receptionist is only one person and can only get so much done during their daily schedule. What do you plan to do when they get sick, or the phones get too busy? Or, what about during their lunch break? Even the best receptionist can’t do it all. A call center will provide you with a professional receptionist 24/7 each day of the week, which can help your company reach new heights.

Extra Language Support

As a small business, you can easily make yourself look bigger by providing support in more than just English. With the right call center, it is easy to access many bilingual support agents for a lot less than you would pay to have them work directly in your office. You can use these bilingual agents for outbound or inbound support, getting more Spanish and other language speakers in the door to your business.

Hold Times

A call center helps you balance out your hold times. A short hold time gives the impression that your company is busy and that lots of other customers want to work with you at the same time. However, you do not want to place the potential customer on hold for too long, or they may get frustrated and not want to work with you at all. A call center can find the perfect balance for the hold time to give you the best results.

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