Call Center Monitoring Benefits and Techniques



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Call centers are critical components of the customer service process. When a customer calls a call center, these calls are often recorded to ensure that a certain standard is upheld. Call center monitoring is a means by which call centers gather performance data. This data can be used to provide feedback to agents and to improve the overall performance of the call center.

Usually, call centers use a call center monitoring software program that listens to calls, rather than a person. This program then provides valuable performance analysis and identifies areas that need improvement. These monitoring systems highlight potential opportunities for enhanced operations, benefiting all call center employees.

Call Center Monitoring Improves Customer Service

Call center monitoring is designed to boost a call center’s overall performance, which includes customer service and customer experience. Customer service and call center performance are intertwined tightly.

There are two ways to look at a call center’s call performance. You can look at the numbers:

  • How many calls does a call center take each day?
  • Which agents take the most calls?
  • How many inquires are resolved?
  • How many sales are closed?
  • How much revenue is earned?

Call center monitoring is useful for these quantitative data analytics. Management can find trends and patterns and use this data to create action plans to improve key performance indicators.

When it comes to call center performance, qualitative performance is just as significant because it is more indicative of customer service scores:

  • How long do customers wait on the phone before their calls are answered?
  • How long do customers wait on hold?
  • What is a call center’s call abandonment rate?
  • What is the average time a call center takes to respond to a missed call?
  • How often is a customer’s issue resolved during the first call?

These metrics paint a clearer picture of a call center’s performance from a customer standpoint. They are helpful in determining how well a call center is performing its customer service duties.

Call Center Monitoring Improves Agent Satisfaction

Call center agents and employees also benefit from successful call center monitoring. Agents who understand their strengths and weaknesses can work to improve their performance clearly and effectively. Call center monitoring gives employees the tools they need for success.

Of course, call center monitoring benefits management because it allows them to identify issues and address them quickly and efficiently. Management can more easily assist employees in difficult areas. Problems can be nailed down and fixed, saving managers and employees stress and frustration.

  • Call center monitoring clarifies each department’s impact.
  • Call center monitoring can help management focus training efforts.
  • Call center monitoring can facilitate employee development.
  • Call center monitoring allows employees to voice concerns.
  • Call center monitoring highlights problematic business procedures.

When inefficient procedures are pinpointed, management can work to restructure them or come up with altogether new procedures that work better for the entire call center. Employees have a say because they are the ones handling the day-to-day call center operations.

Techniques for Call Center Monitoring

Call center monitoring software typically gathers lots of different metrics. However, best call monitoring practices go beyond relying solely on the software and the metrics. Gather information from the metrics to get a well-rounded view of agent performance, then go a step further.

  • Performance goals should be clearly stated and easily accessible to agents.
  • Hold meetings with agents to discuss gain their insight and suggestions.
  • Provide incentives and reward high-performing agents.

Management should clearly define what is expected of agents and what great performance actually means. That way, agents have a game plan to follow. Call scripts are very useful for keeping on track. It is also important to keep industry benchmarks in mind when setting goals.

Additionally, agents should be kept in the loop. Management should listen to them and agents should feel heard. Agents should have access to their own phone calls to better understand their performance scores. Share examples of good call performance so agents know what to aim for.

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