A typical example of emergency call dispatch is 911, where police, fire, and EMT services are dispatched. Sometimes, though, businesses use call centers to handle after-hours emergency calls for service. No matter what emergency arises, an emergency call center should streamline its operations to ensure callers have the best possible experience.

Reliable Communication with Emergency Dispatch Personnel

A call center must maintain regular contact with all emergency personnel if it handles emergency communications. To dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel to the location, emergency call center agents should have the tools to stay constantly connected with crucial people.

  • Police
  • Firefighters
  • EMTs
  • Medical professionals
  • Technicians in the field

Emergency dispatch can refer to 911 services, but there are emergencies in different industries. Businesses that utilize emergency call centers for dispatch answering services expect someone to be available and quickly reachable during these critical times. That requires peak performance and reliable communication between dispatch and personnel.

Emergency Call Center Relevant Technologies

Certain technologies are crucial for emergency dispatch call centers to remain helpful to those who use these services. In most cases, the people calling emergency dispatch call centers are experiencing deeply troubling and high-stress situations. For this reason, call centers need to be as streamlined as possible to ensure the calls are easy, accurate, and helpful. Current and future technologies can make that happen.

● Precise caller location

If an emergency call center agent can pinpoint a caller’s exact location, emergency services might be able to reach them more quickly. Working with software that offers the most precise location can benefit the callers, the dispatchers, and the emergency personnel.

● Call prioritization 

If emergency dispatch software can prioritize repeat calls from the caller who previously called about a potential threat of violence, emergency dispatch can immediately get to that caller’s location. You can prioritize calls based on the type of emergency, as well.

● Accessibility tools 

All callers who need help should be able to access emergency call center services. So, tools like text messaging for the hearing impaired and translators for foreign language callers should be available to callers who need them.

Call center employees can provide more well-rounded dispatch services with the proper tools. Call centers can get hectic, and emergency calls add stress far beyond normal operations. Your call center should be equipped with the most up-to-date technology as it comes out so you can provide the best service to your callers.

Emergency Call Centers Operate 24/7

Call centers that handle emergency dispatch operate around the clock, 24/7. Emergencies can happen anytime, day or night, and on weekends and holidays. Typically, emergency call centers require more staff to handle daily operations because of these long working hours.

It is vital to keep your emergency call center staffed so that agents can handle high call volumes since emergency calls can be unpredictable. Keep staffing needs in mind depending on the type of emergency calls your center handles.

Operations Should Meet Guidelines

Because 911 emergency call centers are so critical, they must meet specific guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Emergency dispatch is often managed by federal, state, and local agencies.

The 911 dispatchers get training to gather pertinent information at the beginning of a call in case the call gets disconnected. Additionally, emergency dispatchers handle calls calmly and efficiently. By meeting high standards on each call, an emergency call center can provide excellent service to those experiencing distress by meeting high standards on each call. 

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