Customer Care Comes First

customer care comes first


  The concept of the outsourced call center has evolved the way businesses provide customer support. In the past, customer care had to be handled directly by the company, which was costly for the company and often slow for the consumer. By shifting this service to call centers, these services can be centralized and streamlined, offering vastly better results for consumers and businesses alike.


Call Centers in a Perfect World

In their perfect form, call centers provide fast, personalized service. However, the way many calling centers operate does not promote this type of experience. These call centers do not treat consumers with focused attention. They hire agents without equipping them to address the caller’s specific concerns. Often, these agents do not have the proper training to serve as a source of support.

You may wonder why companies still use these types of call centers. The answer is simple. These companies are looking to save money, and they neglect to focus on quality. Outsourcing customer service can and should save money. However, many businesses sacrifice the quality of customer care in order to pay less.

Fortunately, this sacrifice is not necessary. While some call centers are poorly equipped to provide quality service, there are others that work hard to promote professionalism and keep their technology up to date. This is essential because call in order to find problem resolution. Therefore, call centers must be equip themselves with quality agents who ready to resolve these issues by the end of the call.

How to Revitalize the Customer Experience

When looking for an appropriate calling center for your customer service, do not be swayed by empty promises of lower costs and streamlined service. These centers make your consumers feel like they are lost phone numbers on a computer screen. Instead, seek a call center that offers a more personalized experience for your consumers.

Quality starts with the agents themselves. It is imperative for the agents who answer the consumer’s call to to have exceptional training and  skills. These employees should be familiar with the client’s services in order to provide fast and effective feedback. Additionally, agents must receive specific training in customer care. They should know how to make a caller feel at ease during the phone call, offering sympathy and humor as necessary. The only way to make caller feel like they are more than a phone number on a screen is to truly treat them like a person.


Agent Training Is the Key To Your Success

agent training

Developing these qualities in call center employees does not happen by chance. It only happens with active and engaged training processes. This training must be comprehensive, and it must be ongoing. Agents need continual support in order to maintain the appropriate level of professionalism for the customer experience. With ongoing training, employees not only learn the latest technologies and the most recent client services, but they also are able to keep their focus as a customer service agent. Ongoing training reminds agents that they are professionals, which helps them retain that professionalism with each and every call they receive.


With this in mind, picking the right third party provider for your call center is more important than ever. There are many options available, but you need to pick the company that focuses on agent training. This is the difference you find when you hire Endicott Call Centers. Endicott has been a leader in the industry for years with five service centers across the United States. While other centers struggle to retain talent, many of our agents have been with us for more than 20 years.


To learn more about how Endicott’s training programs can impact your customer care, please contact our team today.