Quality Agents Provide Quality Customer Service

two employees taking calls in their call center booths


The Importance of Quality Agents

A viable answering service operation must have a strong team of quality agents. These agents provide the foundation for any answering service, and are normally the first points of contact between the customer and your business. When you are in the process of selecting an answering service, it is important to not only consider the caliber of the agents but also the resources that are available to the agents to ensure a sound foundation. Even if you have the premium materials to build a foundation for a house, they are not at their highest potential unless they have the right tools to develop them.

Cultivating Quality Agents For Best Customer Service

After the acquisition process of obtaining the most qualified agents, the next step is to place them in a comprehensive training program. A sound training program should cover everything from message delivery and automation for emergencies and important announcements to the significance of 100% accuracy for each and every call. Regardless of your business, an experienced answering service will be able to create a training program that will address all the important aspects of your operation.

Additionally, your answering service agents should not only be trained on the policies and procedures, but also the culture and vision of your brand. Agents that are taking calls for a business that is trying to close a sale or gather information for marketing will take a more direct response approach. This means the agent will have a sense of urgency in motivating a customer to order a product or service. On the other end of the spectrum, the answering service agents for a hospice needs to be courteous and mindful of the sensitivity in a caller’s concerns.

Even a great foundation could use a little maintenance from time to time. Veteran answering services will be proactive in their quality assurance endeavors to ensure your customers are getting the best customer service possible. All agent interactions should be monitored to ensure that your guidelines, scripting, and customer interactions meet and surpass your expectations.

At Endicott, we are confident in our abilities to provide your business with everything you need to ensure your answering services are running smoothly and efficiently. Our staff of knowledgeable agents, training and development team, quality assurance team, and leadership team has what it takes to develop your business. Contact us today so we can show you how we plan to build the foundation for our partnership for years to come.