Customer Service on the go – trend report

person texting on their smart phone


Some customer service trends will always be standard practice with any company; a phone number to be reached at, office hours for availability, and an empathetic customer service agent ready to assist any customer. Yet there are other trends that are on a rise! Some things to consider:

  • Customer Expectations are on the rise!
  • Customers like Options!
  • Social Media is Taking Over: Like, Tag, & Post!
  • Mobile: Available on the go!

Customer Expectations are on the rise!

Meeting customer satisfaction and providing great customer support come hand in hand. A customer’s experience can determine whether or not they decide to use that service again. The key to meeting the customer’s standard is by aiming to exceed it! The trend is to always go above and beyond and provide 110% every time!

Options! Customers like having multiple channels of customer service or options on how they reach out for help. Some individuals prefer to handle everything via email, while others choose to chat with a live agent. Companies and businesses alike are showing a growing trend in the addition of different customer support avenues. Dedicated agents to specific email, chat, and phone support is most likely the path chosen.

Like, Tag, & Post! Everyone is online now. Social media has greatly impacted the voice of the customer. Online reviews and comments, whether good or bad, can greatly impact the face value of a company. This forum for expressing one’s opinion and sharing one’s experience is readily available to the public, at any time. The trend companies are following in suit now is not only being present in these social outlets, but to participate in open communication with their clientele. Also need to mention the new marketing opportunities this would present!

Available on the go! It seems like smart phones and tablets are around every corner. The trend to being available at all times is a must! Businesses are showing a rise in providing online access, website portal, or maybe even an app for customer use.