Data Metrics as a Competitive Edge

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Businesses are finding more and more need to pay attention to and listen to their client’s needs and wants. The best way for Endicott Call Centers to do this is to gather and understand data metrics.

The reason is simple. In the United States, there are over 7,400 call centers employing an estimated 2.3 million workers. So, how can Endicott Call Centers stand out from the crowd? How can Endicott make certain that we remain competitive in an ever-increasingly complex world?

The answer is the correct use of data metrics.

What are Data Metrics?

The term data metrics refers to a quantifiable measure that is used to track and assess how a business is doing. In the case of Endicott, we use them to keep track of a number of calls we receive and the length of time those calls last.

By monitoring our data metrics, Endicott Call Centers can find areas of weakness and fill in the gaps in our services.

Data metrics are reliable predictors of how well Endicott can compete in the call center market. Without keeping track of the crucial factors involved with our business, Endicott would cease to be competitive and lose business-impacting all of our employees and customers.

The Information We Can Glean

The information gleaned from data metrics is determined by the type of business. In the case of

Endicott, we collect many distinct types of information to help us understand how we are doing as a business. These metrics may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Number of calls received
  • Number of disconnects
  • The average time a customer must wait in the queue
  • Average call abandonment rate by a caller
  • First-call resolution rate
  • What kind of calls are coming through

These measurements not only help us discern our weaknesses as a business but also to measure how we are helping meet the needs of our clients.

How Data Metrics Can Help Endicott Call Centers Remain Competitive

To understand how data metrics can help Endicott remain competitive, we must first remember the statistics listed in the second paragraph above. There are thousands of call centers employing millions of workers in the United States alone.

To make Endicott stand out from the crowded field of call centers, we must first decide our quantitative and qualitative goals. Since Endicott is a business, our quantitative goal, as written in our business plan, is to earn money and to make a profit. The qualitative goal of Endicott is to give the best service possible to our customers and callers.

Together these two goals lay the foundations of the business; we then can build upon that model using what we glean from the data metrics gathered at our call centers. In this way, we can gain an unobstructed view of how we are achieving our business goals and what we can do to not only achieve those goals but how to enhance our services to be the best in the business.

Evaluating Patterns of Calls

In order to discover what callers need and how we can respond to those needs, Endicott looks at and evaluates patterns of telephone use. To do this, we ask many questions, including:

  • For what service did the caller ask?
  • What made them choose Endicott over other service providers?
  • How can we expand our services to defeat the competition?

By asking these three core questions, Endicott is able to take a long, good, hard look at the services we offer today and how we can expand into the future. This is imperative in light of the fact that technology are advancing quickly, and we must advance with it.

The Future is Now

The business of call centers is changing and will continue to change into the future. There is a shift toward customer satisfaction, and many callers are preferring to discuss such business either with an automated service or online.

For Endicott to remain competitive, we must examine our data metrics to understand our customer base and ways we can serve them better not just now but years into the future. People are somewhat more comfortable using their phones, tablets, or laptops to communicate with a call center, and we must hire and train personnel who are able to help us expand these services.

No doubt in the future technology will change quickly, and Endicott must be ready to change along with it. As a call center, Endicott will continue to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers in offering them non-verbal modes of communication.

By gathering, understanding, and using data metrics can keep Endicott able to meet the goals of its work model of excellence in service. We can monitor our growth potential, keep our clients content, and make sure that Endicott Call Centers remains competitive for many years to come.

Data Metrics is a core part of our services to better optimize flow and efficiency. By evaluating the audience types, target markets, data analysis and more, Endicott can best serve you in the highest standards and call center operations.

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