How We Scale-Up and Prepare for Natural Disasters

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Natural disasters are something that can be difficult to prepare for as they are unpredictable and often, hard to scale-up for. From hurricanes to tornadoes to wildfires, more people than ever before are finding themselves in harm’s way. Because of these increases in these occurrences, it has become vital that call centers, like Endicott Call Centers, stand ready to scale up and prepare for natural disasters when they happen.

How We Scale-Up to Help

Endicott Call Centers are located in several different regions of the country to allow for fast response to any natural disaster or other emergencies.

In fact, during a recent remarkably busy hurricane season, which found us fielding calls from two coastal regions. We were able to call on our other call centers to reinforce and enhance the critical services needed in the stricken areas. In just a few days, Endicott was able to call together over two-hundred personnel to answer calls from people who needed help handling their losses to the storms.

Endicott is always ready to hire and train or reroute calls to make sure that callers know we are there when they need them.

Training Our Call Representatives Well For Scale-Up

Endicott Call Centers can only be as helpful as the people we hire to be on the front lines. Whether answering calls about a plumbing issue or to ask for help on a claim for damage from a tornado, we want our people to understand well what to do and say. This is why we spend a lot of time and effort preparing our personnel for the sometimes-daunting task of answering calls and dealing with the public.

We also hire and train bilingual call answering personnel to assure that we have enough people on hand to field calls from non-English speaking customers.

Trained, professional, and dependable Emergency Medical Dispatch agents are always on call 24/7 to help those in need to remain calm, get answers, and receive the appropriate help in a timely manner. Having these EMD agents on hand enhances our ability to be ready to handle natural disasters.

Professionalism and Cooperation with Emergency Management and Scaling-Up

Answering calls and collecting the right data with professionalism is vital and an important part of the role of our personnel. During the aftermath of the emergency of any natural disaster, at Endicott, we work hard to confidently offer help by routing calls to the appropriate dispatcher or medical provider.

We meet the challenge of the HIPAA laws with confidence because our answering personnel are trained to handle a caller’s information with privacy, care, and accuracy.

Our trained operators also are trained to completely comply with and cooperate with emergency management services for any affected area.

Training and Improving Our IT Personnel

Call centers only perform as well as their IT personnel can provide up to date and ready to use technology. This means that our IT people must be top-notch and ready to upscale for emergencies at the drop of a hat.

Thankfully, the IT personnel at Endicott Call Centers are the best and are capable of keeping up with the changing challenges of the industry and our customer’s needs.

When called upon, the IT personnel at Endicott can quickly assemble a team to make certain that the equipment and lines are available to handle a large number of calls. It isn’t, however, only phone calls the IT people at Endicott are responsible to keep up to date and ready to go. They also are responsible for chat, text, and other services.

Experience and Efficiency So We Can Scale-Up

Endicott takes pride in having expert, experienced, and efficient agents to handle emergencies that may arise due to a natural disaster. Our agents are medically oriented and offer an experience not found in other generic answering services.

We are capable of answering the call, listen to the client’s needs, and quickly routing them to the services they deserve quickly and without unnecessary time loss.

With their experience and training, the agents at Endicott find the services that are needed and keep the client calm while they wait for the first responders to arrive.

Meeting an Emergency with Empathy

One of the core values of Endicott Call Centers is to always treat our callers with empathy. By putting ourselves in the caller’s shoes, we are able to understand and empathize with them and keep them calm in an emergency.

Our agents are compassionate and make it easier for those affected by a natural disaster to deal with their losses.

During the aftermath of a natural disaster, our goal is to show the caller that we care and that we are working diligently to make certain they have all the services they need.

No one wishes to think of a natural disaster happening, but it pays to be prepared when they do come. Endicott is dedicated to offering help to their clients with respect, compassion, and professionalism unequaled anywhere else.

How Endicott Can Help

Endicott Call Centers is a national call center with omni- channel services. We are fully-equipped to help you in business and any special circumstances.

Request a quote or call 800-947-3227 to learn more about our solutions for creating exceptional customer service experiences for your clients. And, we’re happy to offer our insight into what your customers and employees seek from your company.