Why “People First” and Promoting Within Matters 

People First


People are a company’s most expensive and critical investment. And, putting people first can help inspire and attract even better talent as well as create a culture that cultivates creativity and innovation. For those willing to learn how to implement it, there are countless benefits to building a “people first” culture. 

What is a “People First” Business Culture? 

This kind of innovative and industry-disrupting business culture typically has four identifiable features that allow it to reap the benefits of being “people first.” 

  1. Values. The first feature of any “people first” culture is that it can name its values when it comes to hiring and treating employees. Many businesses have missions and manifestos when it comes to their clients, but they should also be making commitments to their most important resource: their employees. 


  1. Accountability. Nothing will destroy or taint trust in your public values more than making promises that a business like yours can’t keep. Values are promises to employees as well as clients and customers. You must follow-through on an organizational level along with the values that you publicly state.
  1. Openness. People want to be heard by the company that they invest their time and lives to. “People first” companies provide multiple ways for employees, clients, and customers to provide their feedback. For this, technology helps to get real-time and anonymous feedback on an organizational level.
  1. Responsiveness. Just like your values, feedback requires follow-through. You must be interested in making continual improvements in your processes through the feedback you receive. These should be clear, actionable plans that let everyone know you’re serious about their satisfaction and happiness. 

By following their values and responding to their feedback, every “people first” culture is slightly different and unique to their industry as well as employees. Through having values and remaining open, companies can create a people-centric environment driven by mutual respect and satisfaction. 

Why Does a “People First” Culture Matter? 

Building a corporate culture that is client-, customer-, and employee-centric is not easy. For that reason, it’s important to familiarize yourself as much as possible with its benefits. 

For starters, employees are more committed and loyal to companies that have clear values they can align with. That’s because they feel respected, heard, and cared for through the four elements of “people first” culture. 

Also, “people first” cultures are more productive because these happy employees are more empowered and invested in their roles, making little time for conflict and dissent. That means a higher quality product, fasterto-market time, and less turnover. 

Finally, when companies are “people first” and practice promotion from within, there is a natural effect on customer satisfaction. When the company produces a better product due to employee satisfaction, they also delight customers and clients. 

How Endicott Can Help 

For business owners who want to work with and emulate a “people first” corporate culture, it requires a deliberate plan that starts with your values and works toward realizing them in practice. 

Endicott’s services and insights can help you reap the benefits of being a people-centric company. Imagine being able to command a more positive culture that produces better products in less time with greater impact on your customer’s lives. We offer trained agents that can help you gain traction with and delight your customers. 

Request a quote or call 800-947-3227 to learn more about our solutions for creating exceptional customer service experiences for your clients. And, we’re happy to offer our insight into what your customers and employees seek from your company.