Dentist Required After-Hours Answering Service


A dentist needed an answering service to take calls and messages outside of business hours. Patients often need help with dental emergencies outside of business hours.


Search for a Solution

The dentist looked to Endicott for after-hours inbound call answering, including patient emergencies, hospital dispatch calls, and calls from other doctors. A customized triage system would need to be set up to filter non-emergency calls and elevate critical calls.



The dentist hired Endicott to handle the office’s after-hours calls and messages. Endicott’s management team was able to create a customized plan that allows agents to properly screen calls based on the provided criteria to ensure that critical calls reach the dentist as soon as possible, while filtering non-emergency calls.

Endicott takes calls and messages Monday through Thursday 5:30 pm to 8 am, Fridays when the business is closed, Saturdays after 12 pm when the business closes, and Sundays when the business is closed until Monday at 8 am.

In addition to inbound calls and messages, after-hours agents also triage emergency dental calls.


Results and Benefits

Patients can reach an agent when the dentist’s office is closed. During emergencies, Endicott agents can triage a dental emergency, offering patients more than an answering machine can.