Rental Property Answering Service Needed to Outsource Calls for Additional Screening


A company that handles tenant calls from several rental properties across the US needed additional assistance. Tenant calls include after-hours standard office calls, maintenance requests, courtesy patrol calls, noise patrol calls, and emergency calls.

The company required another third-party answering service to screen calls so tenants’ varied concerns would be handled appropriately. Additionally, the company needed to ensure data from a tenant was delivered to the correct authority or department.

Search for a Solution

The company requested Endicott take all after-hours messages and calls from the properties’ tenants. The company would provide guidelines and contact information depending on the needs of a particular tenant.

The company would need Endicott to instruct tenants on whether their emergency is considered an emergency based on specific standards.


Endicott takes calls and messages from tenants of over 250 properties. Availability is 24/7, but call volume is much higher after business hours.

Tenant calls and messages include emergency maintenance, fire, water leaks, gas leaks, plumbing issues, and electrical issues, lockouts, and more.

Endicott records the call and message data and uses the company’s guidelines to determine whether the tenants’ issues constitute emergencies. Endicott agents instruct callers to contact emergency services when necessary.

Results and Benefits

Tenants have English and Spanish 24/7 support in cases of emergencies. The company has guidelines put in place, so Endicott agents know how to handle all kinds of different tenant situations. The company is kept in the loop through data capture and delivery.

Endicott agents have access to a provided call tree, streamlining contact across multiple locations. Tenants might need property management, locksmiths, police, fire department, emergency maintenance, or other personnel. The call trees allow Endicott agents to attempt to make contact to solve tenant issues.