How AI (Artificial Intelligence) is Changing Call Centers

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No matter where you go today, AI ( artificial intelligence) is involved in our lives. From in-home devices such as Alexa and Cortona to smart refrigerators, there are marks of artificial intelligence everywhere.

But, how has AI changed the way call centers like Endicott Call Centers changed the way business is conducted and how customer service is operated and provided?

How are Call Centers Deploying AI Technology?

Call centers aim to improve their overall productivity by using AI-based technology to increase their agent’s performance. With the aid of artificial intelligence, call centers are improving their communication between themselves and their customers while remaining competitive.

By utilizing algorithms gleaned from data by AI, agents can receive training that allows them to be more insightful to the needs of their callers, and this means fewer hang-ups and more successful interactions.

It has now become possible for artificial intelligence to sense behavioral cues and emotions to help both caller and their agent understand what is needed, and this information is then saved for future reference.

AI can listen in and notify an agent if they are speaking too fast or slow or if they have the proper energy level to give the customer an optimal experience.

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Customer Service Agents?

One worry in the call center industry is that artificial intelligence, such as automated agents, will eliminate jobs. However, instead of taking over from human agents, AI makes the task easier to do by giving relevant feedback and doing the dull jobs of a call center that humans do not wish to do.

One such task is the handling of repetitive calls and emails. AI can do these mundane tasks without ever becoming bored or apathetic. In doing these jobs, AI is helping its human counterparts remain vital and ready to handle more complex calls.

One example of how AI can help humans is by eliminating the need for a customer agent to play twenty questions with a caller when determining what services they are calling about. AI will answer the call and quickly determine if a human agent is needed, then reroute the call to the appropriate person. Instead of replacing humans, AI works in collaboration with agents in a call center to achieve increased customer satisfaction with less strain on both agent and caller.

How Can AI Optimize the Customer’s Experience?

When a customer calls a call center for assistance, they expect to receive the best service possible from the agent they are connected to. Now, AI can make this even more possible by enhancing its own learning of how humans interact.

Some of the ways AI is optimizing itself to customer experiences is to use machine learning, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing.

Machine Learning. Machine learning is the ability of machines to learn without the help of humans. If you think that sounds strange, it is not. Machine learning has paved the way for better outcomes from customer interactions with agents.

Sentiment Analysis. Artificial Intelligence is capable of using keywords to categorize opinions and emotions so that human agents can interact better with callers.

Natural Language Processing. Natural language processing is concerned with the interactions between AI and humans when it comes to language. AI needs to learn to analyze enormous amounts of the natural tone and complexities of ordinary language to interact successfully with what humans are saying and use it to help agents.

A few challenges faced with natural language processing involve language understanding, recognition, and generation.

The Future is Now

As technology improves and AI advances, call centers will need to keep up with the changes to stay competitive. Keeping abreast of the latest technological breakthroughs is essential to maintaining a competitive edge and to keep improving customer services.

Agents will need to depend more and more on AI to help them weed through the calls to give the caller the best experience possible. This means routing calls to the right people and using stored and analyzed data in the training and encouragement of call agents.

The future is now when it comes to artificial intelligence. The ideas and hopes of multiple scientists have come to fruition in the use of AI to combine and coexist with human beings in the call center environment.

The Positive Outlook of Artificial Intelligence and Call Centers

The reason call centers exist is to help callers reach the services they need in a timely manner without too much hassle. AI has greatly increased the industry’s ability to fulfill its business model, and by embracing artificial intelligence, call centers will continue to grow as an industry.

Endicott Call Centers embraces the future of AI with a positive outlook and is building a model of excellence utilizing the new innovations, like Sophia, that are changing our world. The future is now at Endicott as we bring online better ways for our customers to interact and be served by our highly trained staff. We are excited about our future as we work to ensure the ease of use and our responses through AI.

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