Omni-Channel Contact Centers Help to Grow Customer Base

Endicott Blog #1 - Nov 21


In a digitally controlled world, customers expect speedy solutions. Long wait times, delayed responses and repetitive procedures are of the past. From social media to chat messaging and self-service options, consumers prefer direct communication. Additionally, they prefer to have more control over their service experiences. Omnichannel contact centers can make things easier for both the customer and business staff. Finding solutions becomes a quick process when there are customer service resources readily available to manage cross-platform experiences. 

Contact Centers can support business performance by becoming an extension to the brand in which it’s representing. Whether it’s creating new sales opportunities or lowering operational costs, partnering with an answering service provider makes reaching goals and expanding a business possible. When it comes to sustained success, it’s customer service that truly matters. One way to give high level service to consumers is by utilizing omni-channel tools offered by contact centers. According to recent studies, companies using this type of strategy have faster support resolutions times as well as prolonged customer retention rates. 

What to Consider When Striving for Top Notch Customer Service

When reaching out to a business or organization, it’s important that customers recognize they are on the right track to finding the answers or solutions they are after. An omni-channel contact center creates a sense of familiarity and consistency that consumers can feel confident about while navigating their experience. Whether it’s real-time chat or an automated system, processes need to be highly functional and clear. A business that provides consistency with its communication platforms tends to garner more overall success long-term.

Another factor to consider is the benefit of using Artificial Intelligence to improve self-service options. This type of technology helps to ensure consumers are being connected to the most suited customer service representative. Taking an analytical look at previous behavior data as well as sentiment data can be very helpful in streamlining communication. Artificial Intelligence can even give insight into busy call times or high volume months, which allows staff to prepare in advance.

When a business partners with an omni-channel contact center, multiple channels are established for customers to communicate with support staff. To optimize customer service, it’s crucial to allocate an appropriate amount of resources to each channel in order for them to be successful. Are there enough livechat agents to handle the volume of inquiries? Are phone support lines becoming overwhelmed? These are questions to consider when deciphering how to maintain communications channels. 

The Customer and the Business Benefits

There are a number of positives that come with an Omnichannel Contact Center partnership. The great news is, both the customer and the business reap the benefits. When narrowed down, there are some particular advantages that stand. This includes:

  • A brand becomes more personalized to the customer
  • Support resolution times are increased
  • Customer retention rates are continually improved
  • Optimization of a workforce cuts down on costs and improves servicing

When considering  a contact center with omni-channel options, there are select features to consider to ensure both the customer and business come out on top. Business software integration, omni-channel routing and workforce management should be at the top of the list. To truly streamline business communications, interactions should be made easy while also giving the customer options.

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