The Affordability & Effectiveness of a Veterinary Answering Service

Endicott Blog #2 Aug 22


With filled up calendars and eager “pet parents” who are seeking services, it’s crucial for veterinarian offices to run smoothly. It also must be clear that the practice understands how much its clients care about their pets. Every interaction should be handled with care and compassion, because there are oftentimes hard decisions to make when it comes to pet healthcare. Day in and day out, those who work in veterinarian offices are busy putting their focus on one animal after another. Some days may be filled with emergency visits, all while routine visitors expect quality care just the same. In order to remain focused on performing necessary veterinarian duties, outsourcing with a Call Center can help make this possible. 

What is the most affordable and effective solution? A Veterinary Answering Service can help practices save both time and money, while taking all calls that come into the office. While vets, assistants and staff focus on the health of the animals, professional call representatives can take care of the day to day inquiries via the phone lines. While agents deliver high quality customer service, vets and staff are able to deliver quality care. This can set a practice apart from others in the industry who are bogged down.

Call Center Answering Service Perks

Aside from adding tremendous value to a practice, a Veterinary Answering Service can ensure communication with patients goes smoothly. Clients appreciate speedy response times and accurate answers to their questions. When streamlining communication channels, there is less room for error or extensive wait times. There are a variety of ways a Veterinary Answering Service can help. Let’s explore them.

  • Discussing How to Monitor Pets Post-Visit: Once pets receive treatment, there is usually an after care routine that must be followed to ensure speedy recovery. Pet owners can call in and rest assured that a knowledgeable call agent will have all the answers and instructions on how to proceed post-visit.
  • Routing Urgent Calls based on Protocols: In some cases, there may be high-priority calls that require the vet to speak directly to the pet’s owner. Call agents can help to determine when this is necessary and route them quickly to the vet.
  • Scheduling Appointments: One of the most common reasons for veterinary office calls is simply to schedule or check on appointments. With trained agents ready to guide callers, calendars stay up-to-date and slots are filled efficiently to ensure everyone is being taken care of in a timely manner. 
  • Providing Information about Insurance Plans: Insurance can oftentimes feel heavy or confusing for people. Call agents can break down insurance and what services may or may not be covered for patients. This can relieve lingering stress that tends to accompany medical billing processes.

Patients should be able to trust that their pet matters when choosing a veterinary practice. Partnering with a Call Center that offers these services is a sure way to make this happen for everyone. From late night emergencies to scheduling routine appointments, having a Veterinary Answering Service is the way to go. With the added bonus of around-the-clock answering 24/7/365, clients can rest assured they will receive help if their pet gets injured or falls ill at any time. Having a live agent available can make such a difference in high stress medical situations.

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