We are more than a Virtual Assistant

We are more than virtual assistance


Virtual assistants have become more commonplace over the last several years due to technological advances. Improvements such as high-speed Internet and document sharing have made working remote more and more a reality.

Virtual assistants are in high demand by businesses that are either exclusively online or don’t want to increase their office space to support a larger staff. Many small and mid-sized businesses use a virtual assistant to help with tasks such as customer support, appointment management, and sales.

Why Would You Use a Virtual Assistant?

As we mentioned earlier due to technological advances, a virtual assistant can do just about anything from a remote location (except bring you coffee). Many business owners feel that a virtual assistant can only do clerical work. However, that is not the case.  Virtual assistants have a variety of skills and can help you with marketing, web design, and bookkeeping.

Some choose to specialize in one specific field. For example, a marketing or PR assistant may only focus on marketing or PR work instead of customer service. Others may focus on a specific industry such as real estate or construction.

Endicott As Your Virtual Receptionist

When you walk into a business the first person you see is is the receptionist, how they treat you is usually your first impression of the business. You want to make sure that your customers have a great first impression.

However, virtually, the person answering the phone is the one making that first impression. At Endicott, our receptionists are always helpful, cheerful, and courteous. They will answer all of your calls promptly. This ensures that you don’t miss any calls or potential new business. Having a virtual receptionist also frees up your time to focus on other tasks.

Making that great first impression not only leads to potential new business but also builds trust with your current customers. You need a receptionist that is responsive to your customer’s needs in a friendly and professional manner.

When you first partner with Endicott, we learn everything we can about your business. Our receptionists follow your preferred scripts and phone etiquette. They’re also extensively trained on your business, products, and services. This enables them to seamlessly fit into your business and properly service your customers.

How We Are More Than A Virtual Assistant

While most virtual assistants work the usual 9-5, ours are here around the clock to assist your customers. Your virtual receptionist will answer the phone quickly and address your customer’s needs in a friendly and efficient manner. Your callers will appreciate the promptness and responsiveness of the voice at the other end of the line. Our virtual receptionists can help your callers by:

  • scheduling appointments and bookings
  • offering great customer service
  • taking messages
  • transferring calls to the correct department or person
  • answering questions and information requests
  • helping to resolve basic issues

Your virtual receptionist will be able to handle tasks that a regular call center operator can’t. With seamless integration between your office and your outsourced virtual receptionist, you won’t have to worry about losing business. Available 24/7, 365 days of the year, our reliable outsourced receptionists are here to make your customers happy and help your business run more smoothly!

Our 24/7 Virtual Receptions Services include:

  • Highly-trained operators
  • Customized scripts
  • Live agents 24 hours a day
  • 100% US-based locations
  • English & Spanish speaking agents
  • HIPAA-compliant medical support
  • 24/7 Solutions for dentists, legal offices, eCommerce
  • Full access to call management and tracking tools that enable you to regularly monitor and evaluate our performance and help you manage your business effectively.

Visit us today at www.endicottcomm.com to find out how Endicott Call Centers can support your busy office with our certified virtual receptionist answering services.